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Welcome to About Retirement – financial & retirement advice and tips

Hello, it is great to see here.
You are in the right place if you are preparing yourself for retirement in another five
to ten years, if you already retired if you are single again either due divorce late in your life or sadly your partner passed away, and if you are looking for ideas, suggestions
or strategies how to improve your financial position, how to save smarter, how to create financial security in retirement, how to create a secure income for life,
to have the retirement you always wanted.

My goal is to make the financial complexity
less complex, more digestible and maybe even enjoyable. And give you suggestions how
we can improve your financial position no matter your age or status. My name is Katherine, as a migrant to Australia
and a person who had endured a lot of financial drama and abuse I had decided to study finance to be able to survive, which in turn led me to an exciting career
in financial planning After 20 years of working in this profession
I am just as much or maybe even more passionate about helping people reaching the best version of financial freedom, and they dream retirement. So I invite you to connect with me here. SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, CHECK out my website, where I present a lot of very useful information. So that's it from me.

Don't forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE
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