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Millionaire Grant Sabatier Reacts: Early Retirement With $2.2 Million To Live In Portugal

Hi, I'' m Give Sabatier, the designer of
Millennial Cash and also the author of Financial Liberty. As well as today I'' m mosting likely to watch this video,
“” Exactly how we retired early with $2.2 million to travel the globe.”” I'' ve never ever seen it in the past, as well as I'' m going to offer my reaction. See to it you such as this video and sign up for enjoy even more of these reaction videos. All set to rock as well as roll? All right, let'' s do it.

Pumped for this.Since we'' ve been retired, I have actually been
able to take a great deal of time to do the points that I intended to do. Which'' s the reason we began in our reduced expense of living nation, since they provided us a great insight of where our money is going to get us. Are they in Portugal? We really felt that we could readjust effectively and be able to live, retired this way. Points just fell into area and also we'' re. able to do even more points rather than being captured up in the entire daily grind. Nice task. The way of life … Transferred to Portugal. Yeah, I was. I'' m Dianne and also I ' m Guillermo. And I was 47 when we attained FIRE And also I was 44 when I accomplished FIRE. We had actually conserved up$ 2.2 million as well as decided. to take a trip the globe trying to find our forever home.Portugal '

s like dishonesty when it comes.
to FIRE since I believe the cost of living is probably like 25% to 30% what.
If they'' ve saved$ 2.2 million, that. Dianne and also Guillermo have actually a.
lot whole lot money saved up for for their journeyTrip
established a small property group in the USA, Northern Virginia,.
D.C.Metro area

. I remained in the telecommunications industry for over.
Twenty years Did 4 years in the military in the.
It'' s one of the fastest growing genuine. I'' m thinking that in enhancement to getting.
wonderful big compensations on her sales, she additionally invested in a pair financial investment.
residential properties. I'' m excited to see if that'' s the instance. In 2018, our internet well worth was$ 2.2 million.
USD as well as presently today in 2022, our total assets is $2.6 million.
USD. There you go. That'' s a crucial factor. They retired in 2018 and also they'' ve been. able to participate in the end of what was actually among the very best.
booming market in history. As well as I started buying 2010 as well as simply.
the development of my financial investments from 2018 to 2022 has actually outmatched their own. They'' ve been able to take benefit.
of that unusual possibility. Whereas if you retire at the right time.
and afterwards your profile expands at 20% or 30% right after you retire, you have actually a.
lot much more options.My stepmother in fact was detected. with cancer cells and also my mommy finished up needing to look after. them together with myself.
And also the week that he passed away, my.
mom was detected with cancer cells. I spent greater than a year dealing with.
her. And I understood although I'' d always. wanted to retire before 50, I simply didn'' t even want to wait any longer. I started really taking an appearance at our.
numbers. I began chatting with a monetary.
expert. I discovered the FIRE neighborhood and also I showed up.
It sounds like Dianne'' s truly. And in truth, my partner could care much less.
regarding cash or FIRE or financial freedom, yet she was excited around.
the chance to have more freedom.It ' s crucial to note that it ' s a lot.
simpler to get to financial self-reliance if you have your companion on board. Our strategy was to stay two years in each.
nation to discover and also see if we can find our forever home in each nation. We did 3 years in Mexico due to the fact that of.
the pandemic. There was one added year that would.
stay. After that, we intended to explore more of.
Europe. We have our money mainly in an actual.
estate market and also in Roth IRAs. We put on'' t really have an economic.
consultant, as well as we additionally have money in brokerage firm accounts as well as in high.
investment savings accounts. I hope they enter into their specifics of.
their property financial investments. That'' s the initial thing that they provided. And afterwards the second was Roth IRAs, as well as.
after that the last was brokerage firm. My guess is that they have a number of.
rental homes and also they'' re making some cash that way.In addition to the cash that we conserved.
up for retired life, we maintained 3 rental residential or commercial properties. Yes. in Virginia as component of our.
investment profile. So we really sold a property in.
Alexandria, Virginia, that we were staying in. I transformed $120,000 on that particular.
property. We got one in Gainesville that we.
resided in for a number of years, which'' s one that we exchanged one.
Here'' s one of the errors they made. It'' s one of the fastest appreciating.
markets in the country, super close to National Flight terminal in DC, best throughout.
the Potomac River from D.C. And Alexandria property is something, at.
least in their case, I'' d recommend they hold on to as a rental for as lengthy as.
possible.It ' s a lot a lot more important dangling on. it as a rental for the next 20
, thirty years than it was offering for$ 100,000 to. $150,000 in earnings.
So our common expenditures in the US prior to. we retired had to do with $7,000 USD a month. And in Mexico our expenditures had to do with.$ 2,700 a month. We have actually just been in Portugal regarding 6.
months now. They'' re still living in a high,.
costly area for less than $100,000 a year, yet definitely cutting their.
My hunch is they could have FIRE'' d maybe. 3, 4 or 5 years earlier.
to be extra conservative. I invested a long time in Lisbon myself, and also.
it was tough to invest cash there. Especially when you can eat those fresh.
sardines for like EUR1 per bushel and obtain a bottle of wine for EUR2 or less. So I'' m really interested exactly how they'' re. investing a lot cash unless they have a really baller home, which it doesn'' t. appear like from this video they have.But who knows,

maybe they'' ve obtained some.
secret splurges as well as they'' re actually into diving or something. I'' ve been entering crypto, so I may.
be discovering that even more or going out and also taking various lessons.
whether it'' s languages or diving or yoga exercise. Oh, check out that. Scuba diving. He called it. Something that'' s going on that we function.
right into our daily regimens. Right currently, we'' re not thinking about relocating.
back to the US.But one point we'' ve learned in life is.
We'' re really looking extra at Eastern. And also we'' ll proceed our.
trips until we find our little item of heaven. Yeah, they'' re sensation really
favorable. Now since their financial investment portfolio has expanded over $400,000 given that.
they reached FIRE and also retired early in 2018. They have a YouTube channel that'' s. possibly making some cash. Therefore they'' re sharing this incredibly.
bullish response. After having that development, their.
profiles possibly went down about 20% this year, which is even more than.
would certainly have appreciated. I'' d be interested to see if they'' re. still eventually feeling this way, yet on the whole, they'' re in an actually terrific. position. The most significant thing is maintain exploring,.
maintain an open mind. You put on'' t have to choose your for life.
residence. As well as actually, possibly you need to toss that.
concept gone. They have tremendous versatility and.
liberty. They spend their time doing the important things.
that they enjoy. They like discovering brand-new things. You can truly do that anywhere in the.
world. With 1 being awful, 10 being amazing.I ' m going to clock Dianne as well as Guillermo. at a strong 8.75.
I believe they ' ve done quite'much.
Whatever. And also actually, possibly excessive right. And also I would certainly encourage them not to be too.
beholden to their spread sheets and also maybe take a little bit more dangers in their.
life. Maybe spend a bit even more cash, if.
they can, to see exactly how it makes them really feel. All right. Well, that'' s regarding it. Thanks for watching this reaction video clip. For more great video clips, make certain you.
subscribe listed below to CNBC Make It. Have a look at my publication, “” Financial Freedom,””.
available on Amazon or your local bookstore.And look into. to learn just how to make, conserve as well as spend more cash so you.
can construct a life you enjoy.

I'' m Dianne as well as I ' m Guillermo. It'' s one of the fastest growing real. Here'' s one of the mistakes they made. It'' s one of the fastest valuing.
With 1 being horrible, 10 being amazing.I ' m going to clock Dianne and also Guillermo.

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Retirement Community Arizona

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Think Retirement = đźš« Work? You may NEVER retire. Do THIS instead.

That'' s this one kind of command.
that keeps turning up in action to my videos it'' s the whole oh you manage.
services ah you'' re still working you ' re not retired or oh you make YouTube videos.
you'' re still functioning no you ' re not retired it ' s not like the retirement cops you know I. mean clearly to these individuals available retirement strictly implies say goodbye to working no extra require to.
earn money and also for some remarkably it'' s also age bound evidently to be retired I obtained ta be 60.
plus [Music] I indicate to be honest I think this is just a ridiculous debate over semantics right because.
well you can call it whatever you like we'' re delighted living the method we live We'' re not gon na transform.
anything even if of YouTube remarks right yet I also feel obliged to direct out that for.
these people thinking retired life strictly means say goodbye to working normal generating income they''
re. actually really incorrect it ' s a view that ' s kind of simply separated from reality completely and.
the scariest thing is that if you stick to this idea you might never retire appearance I understand the.
origins of the concept that retirement amounts to regular job I grew up because era as well that era where.
you will certainly work 40 plus years in this one consistent work retire at 65 and after that Tada Grand exit with.
this gold wall surface gold watch and your pension plan or you understand Singaporean situation you understand cpaf and after that.
off to the golf links you go now historically if you look at the context this was formed in the.
supposed golden years of the post-world Battle II full work today these days quite.
evident life work whatever has considerably transformed since not the very least source of Automation and.
digitalization jobs are no longer the steady point it made use of to be rather currently it'' s highly unstable.
I indicate consider what happened during the pandemic and after that now that the pandemic is over it'' s the. tech discharges and increasingly terrific information with the advances in AI drops are vanishing.
completely the center class is vanishing they say the abundant are getting richer the bad are.
obtaining poorer so job these days already looks so various from what it used to be three decades ago.
Why on Earth would certainly anyone expect retirement to continue to be the same as before I indicate the truth.
is that it doesn'' t for one it ' s obtained'a great deal more costly we ' re living
a lot longer these. days Treatment has actually likewise obtained increasingly costly housing costs maintain Climbing so costly.
Increasing inflation insufficient wage development the amount of cash the professionals keep saying you need.
for a comfortable retired life keeps Increasing however let'' s just take a practical number for the minimum.
advised quantity of cost savings for retirement in the US obviously that would have to do with 555 000 United States.
bucks or 10 times the U.S median revenue however then another survey reveals that generally senior citizens have.
simply slightly over a hundred as well as seventy thousand dollars conserved for retirement some senior citizens.
apparently just have absolutely nothing zero and also even in Singapore among the most affluent nations in the.
globe over 60 percent of pre-retired singaporeans are stating they'' re not on track to retired life. either so after that what do you believe all these individuals throughout the world both pre-retirement as well as already.
retired are doing so this is what they'' re doing this is simply what stands out right up if you do.
a quick Google on the Net by the way according to Wikipedia everybody'' s default Guru.
on all points in deep space if you check out Wiki'' s web page on retired life in the United States as you age you.
have six way of life options and out of the six 4 entails some type of work full time or part-time.
the truth seems to be that lots of retired people are around side rushing or freelancing or establishing.
there'' s like semi-retirement you recognize going back to work part-time that'' s freelancing Consulting.
what some people call opportunistic working often they just do things like offering.
or adding anyhow they delight in however appears like it'' s a standard that several retired people are.
out there functioning or earning money or just getting this established routine in their retired life feeling.
deliberate engaged and pretty satisfied it'' s really a great deal around simply progressing past that phase in life.
where your job is so consolidated paying the cost of you and your family'' s presence that numerous.
individuals stick to doing lousy work they truly dislike simply to endure I think that insisting.
that retirement must be a Continuous vacation with no work or generating income whatsoever it'' s. really simply quite an ignorant idea that valued Eternal holiday vision is not also a sustainable.
thing actually I mean check out all the anecdotal proof from all the people out there you understand.
they'' re stating that that Infinite trip phase of retirement it really lasts nearly one.
two years on typical Max prior to one gets burnt out as well as dispirited and also that feeling of loss and also being.
shed correct in it'' s a whole cycle apparently you relax you get tired eventually you discover.
brand-new Pursuits and engagement money making or not and also then you obtain delighted again until the.
end to make sure that'' s the four stages of retired life so this person clarifies it in this video clip it makes.
total feeling you feel like you can examine that out however basically moral of the story at whatever age.
or phase of Life maintaining hectic having function and interaction a good routine feeling included.
feeling economically safeguard it'' s healthy as well as it makes individuals delighted on the various other hand if you.
remain to urge retirement you should imply no even more work ever before since that'' s just how you'think
you ' ll. enjoy up until your end despite the fact that the proof points otherwise after that you recognize that trashful.
amount of retired life savings is just ever before going to keep shifting continually higher and also to strike it.
you'' re probably mosting likely to wind up functioning that added a lot more years it'' s currently occurring official.
old age throughout the world keeps enhancing as well as say eventually happily you really handle to.
obtain there you retire you'' re sigh greatly kick back into your coastline chair which dream.
become a reality Continuous holiday situation and after that one 2 years later bam on time.
it'' s shed calamity as well as your sphere lonely shed probably asking yourself where everything went pear-shaped.
You pedal through some even more ears as well as allow lost the bottom mode and after that you'' ll locate yourself. perhaps aged 70 and yet lacked savings due to the fact that you didn'' t work right in between and after that you.
wind up being one of those people available Googling how to locate a job at 70.

Unfortunately since.
you actually require to that'' s got ta suck so instead here'' s my recommendation as opposed to clinging onto this.
out-of-date suggestion of retired life I think it'' s way more effective to spend your time finding out what'' s. possible currently for you and also your ability you might hang out thinking of how you can perhaps take.
control and also redefine job as well as retirement in your life on your own due to the fact that if you don'' t work and also. retired life is being redefined for you by society as well as federal government anyhow whether you like it or not.
and after that you'' re simply going to be adhering to along you can consider how you can perhaps decouple.
the job you do from the expense of your existence and after that perhaps even better you can consider.
whether you can locate some means to decouple creating those existence calls from the direct.
input of your time and I believe this is all actually crucial if you don'' t intend to be stuck on the.
grind up until you'' re concerning like I wear ' t know 120 years of ages because it'' s coming for all of us.
that time in your life where you can'' t make the exact same money at your work as you can when you.
were more youthful or had also obtain a suitable paying task whatever that might be when you need one due to the fact that.
of like ageism and also all those things you understand most Financial suggestions out there they say that.
usually for any of us to retire conveniently we need around 75 to 80 percent of our pre-retirement.
revenue to proceed our current requirement of living so below'' s the circumstance back when I was still.
in the workforce myself running that corporate hamster wheel so I had a task I was so done hectic.
simply functioning so I can hang on to that work it was my only source of money so my entire presence.
was you understand reliant on that income and as soon as hell was not believing to myself about exactly how I.
can redefine help myself or if someday if I quit working just how I could still generate 80 of.
that income monthly so my presence wouldn'' t have to considerably change I suggest sure you can do.
like what we did now appropriate you recognize downgrade your way of life possibly relocate overseas to a less expensive location.
end up being much less high upkeep in retired life so you wear'' t need 80 of your pre-retirement income.
Maybe you'' ll still need what 30 40 percent and also if right now your only revenue generation.
is through that work that salary you obtained no Investments nothing else abilities no side hustles.
no absolutely nothing when that work retires you at that compulsory age or because of a few other scenarios.
God forbid after that what are you going to do I believe that'' s the sincere reality for many working.
grownups around still especially a lot more so if you actually got wed and started bulging.
children you understand time just evaporates really swiftly at this stage of life already so I believe most of us.
require this reminder you understand to seek out from our service you recognize to check out the bigger photo.
as well as attempt to regulate where we'' re all headed towards if you'' re still enjoying this video at this moment.
then I wish this serves as that tip for you anyway if you'' re looking at your ability collections.
and maybe assuming regarding finding out new ones you may have an interest in what today'' s video. sponsor skillshare has to use skillshare is an on the internet understanding neighborhood with thousands.
of classes for any person who enjoys learning if 2023 is the year you assured yourself.
you'' re finally gon na check out new career or side hustle choices or maybe service.
your individual growth skillshare is a wonderful area to begin for the Italian me we.
take pleasure in being innovative in our retirement so we produce a lot right we we prepare we do art we.
do ceramic and we also make video clips on YouTube when we first began skillshare was where.
we learned many Basics like videography narration and much more so today one of the.
best courses I ever endured online anywhere is still that class by Sorel Amore YouTube success.
construct an authentic Network that'' s worth to follow so her advice concerning discovering your Particular niche valuing.
authenticity over Elegance as well as developing purposeful messages and giving worth to the target market it.
simply actually leveled up the video clips we were producing back then it'' s always simple to take whatever you.
find out on skillshare and also use it straight to your life Quests whatever those may be I extremely.
advise taking a look at skillshare utilizing my link in the summary below the very first 1000 people fail to remember.
one month of skillshare definitely complimentary you can try it out learn something new action an action closer.
to your 2023 goals ultimately nobody actually recognizes anything so you require to develop your own procedure.
handle threat and afterwards stay with your strategy via thick and slim well likewise continually finding out.
from blunders and also boosting all of us only live when allow'' s try to do it the most effective that we can by this.
point I'' m certain you ' ve obtained a whole lot to state in feedback whether you assume what I'' ve simply said is all.
bollocks or if you two are looking for a better way of life design after that this typical retired life.
design which I'' ve constantly discovered so gloomy well you can leave me remarks listed below and also we.
can discuss I wish you enjoyed this video clip as common leave a like so with any luck even more individuals will certainly.
see this and subscribe if you intend to maintain up with even more of this things thanks all again.
and also allow'' s chat once more following Saturday Cheerios.

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Retirement Community Arizona

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How To Retire Early Through Property Investing | A Retirement Planning Pension Strategy

– Impossible is probably the
response most people will have when they see the
thumbnail for this video, but let me show you how, by taking action, you really can retire in
two years by investing in a certain type of property. (upbeat music) Hi, my name’s Tony Law from
Your First Four Houses, and I teach people how to build
a small property portfolio that generates a great income
for them so they can give up their day job if they
wish because they’re now financially free.  So for 21 years, I ran a kitchen
business where I exchanged my time for money, but
in less than two years, I managed to replace that
kitchen income with a passive, or relatively passive, rental
income, and I want to show you how you can do exactly the same. So for this exercise, I’m not
gonna assume that you need 10,000 pounds a month to
retire and live comfortably. In fact, depending on
where you live in the U.K., the average household
incomes seems to be somewhere between 28 to 35,000 pounds
a year, although personally, I might struggle to live on
that if I’m being really honest, so let’s just round that
up to 42,000 pounds a year which quite conveniently
helps me with the maths because it means that’s 3,500
pounds a month that you need as a passive rental income. Now, for some that may seem
a little on the low side, but I think most people
could probably retire and live quite well on that
if they’re being really honest if you had no other bills to pay. So we now have a clear goal. We need to earn 3,500
pounds a month passively moving forward, so let’s
just break this down. How many rental units does
that actually equate to? Well, it obviously depends
on the type of deals that you’re doing and the
strategy that you’re following. In fact, to be honest, I’ve
got a property that by itself, one single property, after
all bills have been taken off, would cover that amount of
money, although for transparency, I’ve also got other properties
that only cashflow a couple of hundred pounds a month give or take, and it always surprises me,
there are people out there that have got properties
that simply don’t cashflow at all, I just don’t understand
that, but let’s just say, for the sake of this
exercise, that on average, my property portfolio cashflows
about 500 pounds a month after all bills, so if you
wanted to hit 3,500 pounds a month, how many properties do you need? Well it’s seven, isn’t
it, nice and simple. It’s seven at 500 pounds a
month, but can you acquire seven properties in two years? Yes, I know you can. Maybe in year number one
you might do two or three which will leave you maybe
four or five in year number two as your experience and
confidence grows, but I know that you can do it. Is it gonna be easy? No, you’re gonna have to
put in some massive effort to hit this target. You’re gonna have to
take a tonne of action, but I know that you can do
it, and if you want a list of 15 tasks that you can
do in the next seven days, check out this video because
I’ll run you through exactly what you need to do in
order to hit that target. You see, the thing about
property investing that is quite magical, quite amazing
actually, is that you need to work really, really
hard for a couple of years, and if you do, you can replace
your income in its entirety after just maybe a
couple of years of work, and if I can in some way
help you in your journey, well that would make me very happy. I recently updated my 50 point
checklist that will run you through all the tasks you need to take before buying that next
investment property. If you’d like a copy, simply
click on the link here or in the description box
below and I’ll send it straight out to you.

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How To Retire Early? (Young And Rich: Is It Possible?)

Hey, what’s up? John Sonmez here from Tired of pushy recruiters sending you LinkedIn requests for jobs you have no interest in? Tired of blasting out resumes into the dark? If so, you should check out flips job searching on its head by having top employers like Facebook come to you after you fill out one simple application. You also get your own job coach to help you on your next job search. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend you at least fill out the application. Just go to When you get hired with Hired, you’ll get double the normal sign-on bonus for using that link. Today we’re going to be talking about real estate.

Yes. I have done some videos on real estate. Some of you are like, “What the heck? Why is this guy talking about real estate?” Well, I’ve done fairly well in the real estate realm. If you’re interested, you can always check out my playlist on real estate investment and investment in general. I’m not going to go into all the details here, but occasionally I like to answer a few real estate questions on this channel. I got one here from Jonathan and he says, “I’m 21 and set a goal that I want to retire by 40 to 45.” Cool. “With 20K of passive rental property income.” Man, that’s awesome. I like that. I love that goal. That’s a good goal. “Currently saving money to buy my first property and hopefully, when I get a web development job I can speed up the process. My question is how do I plan for this goal?” This is good.

So, 21, Jonathan is 21 and he’s thinking this way and he’s got this plan by 40 to 45 to make 20K of passive income from rental properties. I love this. This is great. “Thanks for everything you do and have a beautiful day.” I am having a beautiful day. Thank you, Jonathan. “P.S. I was thinking of buying a duplex and live in one and I rent out the other one so basically the tenant pays my mortgage.” So, okay, there’s a lot of ways to approach this. I think Jonathan has got his head screwed on right. Well, I’ll start with the last, the P.S. of renting out a duplex and living in one side. I think that’s a great idea. This is a fantastic thing. More people should do this. A lot of you young people out there that are thinking about renting or buying a house, consider buying a duplex and renting out one side and if you find the right deal which—it’s out there, you could actually have the renters pay your rent.

You see what I’m saying? You could actually live for totally free by having a duplex and renting out one side. I’m not going to say it’s going to be super easy. I’m not going to say that those deals are everywhere. It depends on where you’re at. You’re not going to find that deal in California or New York, San Francisco, not going to happen, but if you’re in the Midwest you might be able to find that deal. I’ve seen it before. I think that’s a great idea, but let’s talk about the plan. 21, you want to retire by 40 to 45. You want to get 20K of passive real estate income. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s certainly doable. What you need to do is you need to calculate backwards where you need to be and have a real solid plan for this.

I can give you a general outline, but I haven’t run the numbers so I can’t tell you exactly. There are going to be some factors in here, but you actually need to take a spreadsheet and actually need to calculate this and figure this out. It’s going to be fairly complex, but you don’t have to be super detailed. You can kind of ballpark this, but you do need a spreadsheet. You can get some rough answers here, but calculate this out, 20K of passive income from real estate. Let’s say 45. What does your gross need to be? You’re going to have expenses, you’re going to have rents, I mean you’re going to have property management, you’re going to have a bunch of things here. That can give you an idea of what kind of wrench you need to be pulling in. It’s not going to be a 20K wrench, you’re not just getting 20K. It might be like 30 or 40K a month of rents. In order to get 40K a month of rent how many properties do you need and how much will those properties cost? How can you divide that over time and put inflation into the equation a little bit here over that period of time? Work backwards and make a spreadsheet and run some scenarios.

This is going to take time and some planning. Like I said, you can rough ballpark it. If I were just going to give you what I think would probably work for you, it also depends on how big your budget is. How much money are you investing every year? How much money do you have to invest every year. If you can put 10K down onto a rental property every year that’s different than, “Hey, I’ve got 50K to invest in real estate every year.” That’s different. Or 100K. Those are all different scenarios. What you’re planning based on your current scenario might—there may not be—there might be this gap and you might be like, “Well, how do I get there?” It might not be apparent.

You might have to do some other things. You might need to make more money in your job or start a side business in order to fuel that. I had to do that to reach some of my real estate goals. Think about that and calculate that out. I’ll give you kind of a rough timeline, a rough plan that I would have if I were you which would be something like—and this was the plan I initially developed when I was doing this which would be to buy one property every year, regardless. The nice thing I like about this plan is that it’s scalable.

The size of the property depends—is dependent upon how much money that you have in that year. When I first started in real estate investment when I was close to your age, I think I bought my first house at 19, but I really started doing investments around 21 and started this plan of buying one house per year. I think the first house that I bought I was able to put $10,000 down. It was like a $100,000 house or $120,000 house. The next year it was probably about the same and then probably like the third or fourth year I had more money. I was able to put $20,000 or $30,000 down. I got to the point where I was buying properties and I was putting about $20, $30, $40,000 down every year on a property when I buy it. Some of that was because of the real estate that I was already making me money. Some of it was because I was making more money in my job and I had businesses and side things going on which helped me to do that. That’s the kind of plan that I would—it’s not going to happen magically. I think that’s the key thing. You actually have to have a solid plan for this and you can run these numbers and calculate this out.

There’s actually a really good book that I recommend called The Millionaire Real Estate Investor. I think that’s by Garry Keller, the founder of Keller Williams if I recall correctly. I don’t recommend very many real estate books, simply because a lot of them are crap. The reason why I’m really going to recommend that book to you is because it has these charts that show you—it gives you a realistic expectation over 20 years what the value of a property is likely to be, how much money you’re likely to make from it, cashflow and all that. Again, it’s as complex equation. You’re not going to be able to nail this down perfectly, but at least if you run the numbers and you do the best job that you can, you can have a ballpark idea and you can always adjust the plan. You’ve got to have—you’ve got to know where you are and where you need to go in order to reach these goals. I’ll also recommend for you—I have a course that I created called Simple Real Estate Investing for Software Developers.

You can check that out here. If you buy that course, obviously it has a money back guarantee on it, but that’s going to help you to give you the basics of everything I know about investing. Just to give you a background, I have about 26 rental properties. They are all paid off. I started investing when I was 19. I kind of know what I’m talking about here. I don’t give a lot of bull shit advice about this. I give you exactly—practical advice on how to get started and how to do this.

The reason why I created the course, even though it might not seem like it goes along with a lot of my other content, it was just simply because I was tired of so many people giving BS real estate advice and doing all these kind of scamming, no money down, speculative moves that just doesn’t make sense. You need some kind of practical advice so that’s what I put together there. Go check that out. This is good. I think you’ve got a good plan here. You just need to develop the plan further and it’s going to be very dependent on your individual factors and—I think you have information though to say, “Okay, can you do this in 45—by the time you’re 45?” absolutely! I believe that you can. It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be hard to do. 20K is a pretty big number but it’s certainly possible, but you’re going to have to start moving now, which it seems like you’re going to do, and you have to have a plan and it’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of effort and you got to find good deals in order to be able to do this in that time frame.

All right, I hope that is helpful to you. If you have a question for me, you can email me at [email protected]. Don’t forget to click the subscribe button if you haven’t already. Click that Subscribe. Click the bell to make sure you don’t miss any videos especially if you like the real estate stuff because, hey, those videos might not show up and then you’d miss it and then you wouldn’t find out the secret to life and how to make millions of dollars. All right, I’ll talk to you next time. Take care .

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