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CalSTRS Teachers’ Retirement Board Meeting | September 1, 2022

Greetings, every person,
and also welcome to the CalSTRS board conference. Jennifer, would certainly you take the function, please? Controller here for the superintendent
of public instruction. Mr. Johnson right here. Mr. Prezant below. Ms. Yamamoto,
here. Mr. Tang right here. Ms. Hendricks, here. Miss. Branford here. Ms. Urdan below. Mr. Gunning Yeah. For the State Treasurer, Mr. Ruffino, below. For the Supervisor of Money. Ms. Whitaker Here. Chairperson Keiley you have a quorum,
and also I do have a short announcement on other statements. The CalSTRS board meetings are live
Internet Stream video archived as well as offered to the general public on CalSTRS
dot com individuals that want to deal with the board ought to wait on the 10 min
public comment duration at the end of the schedule item
the Speaker desires to attend to for comments not concerning a particular program thing,
there will certainly be a chance for extra declarations
Thanks. Thank you, Jennifer. I ' ll entertain an activity to approve'today ' s schedule with some adaptability. Please vote no. Appropriately seconded. Without argument, the program has been authorized.
We ' re mosting likely to begin something brand-new at our board conferences.
Vice Chair Hendricks and also I, we had an idea and also I recognize when I called Cassandra, she said, Oh, they have a concept.
Idea everyone and also I desire to give thanks to.
We'' ve had the excellent honor to serve this organization and the instructors of our state.
As well as we all recognize that the objective as well as objective of CalSTRS is to make sure the retired life safety and security of California ' s educators as well as we thought it would certainly be ideal for us to begin bearing in mind our time to be begin. Each board meeting with a short video that features a participant of CalSTRS, a teacher. And also our intent is that these brief videos will certainly stand for the complete diversity of our subscription age, sex, ethnic background, cultural. As well as today is the inaugural video clip. And also we plan for it to be. I was coming to be 3 to 5 mins and they said, well, 2 minutes is better, really captures individuals ' s attention. I think today is 4 mins.
To a video. I can instruct one of my enthusiasms. I ' m still on their board.
I should find out to play it, wouldn ' t you believe so? It ' s not a package. I believe they'' re.
develop a toy to distribute to the area. Youngsters. And also we invite those area children.
in from the various primary institutions for a huge event that we have right here,.
we have everything covered in paper. We have games for the youngsters to play,.
we have music and we enhance this area like you can'' t think.
If I can do my career over once again, I'' d strategy for my retirement earlier.That ' s what I do differently. Or else I wouldn ' t adjustment a point. I ' ve had a great life.
I ' m really hoping that when I have even more time,. a lot more spare time, I'' ll be able to sign up with that rock.
and also roll band I constantly intended to remain in and also come to be a star. Thank you. Thanks to our.
staff for a fantastic very first video clip and an excellent means to kick off our meetings of our mission, objective.
as well as that we actually serve. Keeping that, I'' ll turn it over to Cassandra Thank you Chair Keiley. I'' m going to open the chief executive officer report.
and afterwards I'' m mosting likely to hand it over to Lisa to provide you some extra updates on the head office
. growth project as well as renting opportunities that we'' re discovering. What I desired to acknowledge.
in the report and also emphasize is the acknowledgment that we got.
for our Leadership Acknowledgment Honor by the National Association of Federal Government.
Defined Benefit Administrators.This honor recognizes

the brightest suggestions. and a lot of ingenious remedies from across the public field. In the specified contribution. industry, CalSTRS was chosen for its superior accomplishments. for the COVID action classification and particularly for its service the CalSTRS Pension to National. Retired life Safety Month project.
Performed by our Retired life. Readiness Division.
I wanted to recognize the team. The various other point I desired to highlight,. I ' m going to be the ombuds twice today we had actually prepared.
It is an accessory to this thing. So for you to examine. and also it actually discusses the background of the function of the Ombuds,.
the amazing job that Mr.Genie is supplying to the organization,. and the connectedness that he provides to our subscription and also the resolution. to some rather difficult complexities in. our was a few of the
benefits problems. that several of them may take part in. I simply desired you to look at that. report when you have the possibility and and I ' ll Mark will be back. to do a presentation at a later time, and afterwards I ' ll hand it over to Lisa. Great. Many thanks, Cassandra. I ' m going to offer an update. on the construction of the HQ.
EA a great deal is changing. It ' s altering daily. As well as so as of the creating in the board.
products that we supplied to you,.
there'' s been some modifications since. So I intend to go over those and I'' ve obtained Greg Levi with me today.
to speak about our leasing chances and also where we are in that, because I recognize.
it'' s truly essential to the board that we'' re considering that. and it ' s essential to as well as to us to be able to fill up the building with individuals once.
we relocate right into the headquarters expansion.So the building and construction of the job. has to do with 70% complete
as well as it ' s actually,. really making great development. The outside of the structure. is obtaining buttoned up.
In reality, among the primary lifts is. coming down in mid September. And so when that boils down that that.
part of the building can be buttoned up. The staying male lift will stay till.
the lifts are all set in the building. As well as that'' s going to be. regarding the December duration when we can actually utilize.
the indoor lifts to move regarding the building, the insides,.
the work with the interior insides. You sanctuary'' t seen it since you
can. only see it from the outdoors right now.But there ' s it ' s going like gangbusters. There'' s great deals of people,. great deals of power on the project now, as well as'they '
re doing. a great deal of job on the inside. If you walk through right currently,.
you would certainly see that ceiling floor tiles are going in and also you'' ll
see. the increased flooring is happening. You'' ll see that there ' s walls.
that are being painted and also textured and also the plaza floor in the entrance hall.
area is heading out. As well as so it'' s actually beginning to materialize.
as well as we can really see our vision involving realization. That'' s pretty interesting. I want to speak a little bit.
regarding the schedule. So since the writing of the board.
materials, we were showing a mid April day.
and also remember we had concurred that the March 17th day.
was an affordable day to complete the job based on every little thing that was taking place within the job.
and the work that was having to occur on the drape wall as well as all of the fire examinations.
that were happening.And so I ' m actually pleased to state that. considering that the writing, we '
ve had the ability to draw that timetable. back to the end of March.
There were some things. That ' s a very favorable. I wanted to let you understand that the burn rate on.
the job has to do with $110,000 a day. So we so days matter. We'' re actually seeing the team closely.
and also we wish to ensure that they keep budget.
since it matters to us.I ' m delighted to claim that despite the April,.
the mid April day, we are mid mid April date.
we have enough cash in the budget plan to complete the job.
based upon what the board has accepted. That'' s excellent information. Any kind of day that we can draw onward is.
simply money that we'' re not going to spend. As well as so once more,.
the team lags me in the back row, Michelle as well as Dave from Ridge Funding. I'' ve inquired to be right here since.
it'' s really crucial to them, as well. And so I desire you to recognize.
that we'' re done in this together and also we'' re going to make sure that we keep DPR on job. and we can finish this project within the range.
that we really feel is acceptable.So that is where

we are from schedule. and budget plan.
And I desired to proceed as well as transform it over.
to Craig Levi today and ask him to offer you some details on.
where we are from a leasing viewpoint. Solid I'' m with a person is Al JLL as well as I'' m. the handling director right here in Sacramento. My companion.
as well as I have been charged with the leasing of of the the tower. The it'' s been a fascinating couple. of years, certainly, with the pandemic as well as the workplace market'' s been
the. the hardest struck section of the of the real estate fields. Exclusive sector lessees are are grappling.
with just how to go back to work. Still, this has taken longer.
than we ever prepared for as well as, you know, they'' re taking on.
some kind of kind of hybrid environment, which there'' s a great deal of analysis regarding. Yet, you understand, it shows up that.
we are lastly going actually in the appropriate instructions. The general public industry is been type of.
doing the very same point. They'' re attempting to make a decision when, when.
and how they'' re going to come back to work which ' s even been even more exasperated.
The the great thing I would certainly state is our the structure do you have is the best building in Sacramento. It is we have an aging inventory of workplace.
buildings. Actually, nothing'' s been constructed. of significance in in our economic sector structures that can be rented to private.
market because 2009 2010.

So many of these buildings are were developed at a various level.
of top quality than yours. It is,.
you know, a prime quantity of room. As well as it'' s it'would certainly be it ' s a it ' s among our finest buildings. that in the stock that ' s readily available, we ' ve been dealing with G-Sec,.
which is one of our economic councils that try to hire companies. And it'' s on the leading edge of their their their lists of potential structures in our in our market as they'' ve attempted to hire.
brand-new companies to find to our market. In truth, they had a they had a.
they utilized one of your boardrooms for among their one of their programs.
or workshops just recently was as well as that was with a number of website.
selectors, which are individuals that are out looking on part of business. The very first things we'' re doing. moving forward, we'have a what we ' ve pointed out before, we have a website,. we have modern pamphlets, flooring strategies, digital digital footprints, video clips, virtual tours that you can stroll.
via the entire building.But that '

s that'' s what we were doing during COVID.
since individuals wouldn'' t come out and also trip. Since people are beginning to re beginning to reemerge as well as do this we'' ve
obtained. a we recently tackled this designer display sponsorship which we'' ll be able.
to highlight the building through. And also it'' s mostly to the property.
market brokers primarily and also will be we'' ll have a running video clip of.
of the trip of the structure. As well as the other thing we'' re mosting likely to do is most current. point is we ' re going to start a broker, open residences which will permit brokers.
to come check out, walk the structure. A great deal of individuals have never been.
in the structure before. You know, it'' s constantly been
kind. of a structure that admired from afar.But I ' ve never seen the within as well as it ' s it'' s one of the buildings you obtained.
you men were doing. You recognize, it'' s funny,. we do these surveys concerning how just how we desire to obtain people. to find back to'work'and also it ' s it ' s points like,. you recognize, resembles childcare on site, food solution on site, exterior locations,. whole lots of all-natural light. As well as this is something that CalSTRS.
had currently constructed right into their system, you recognize,.
which belong to your culture already. So we intend to obtain all the brokers out below.
to see exactly how stunning the building remains in it. Hopefully they can associate with their clients.
as we move forward. So let'' s sort of add.And so I in fact towards digs.
with the structure with with Melissa and also Jeff.
this on Tuesday of this week since they had actually not seen.
the inside of our building they had actually come to the cafe.
and also consumed numerous times, yet they had never seen.
the within of our building. As well as so the objective of that is.
I really desired them to to remember us and to consider us.
for all type of various reasons, whether it be a full-time renter.
or whether we'' re simply an alternative for a swing space. You recognize, they'' ve constructed all of these structures,
. these state possessed buildings in the region. And also what they informed me is.
They ' ll understand for over a year as to those firms.
today is organizations have actually not made the decision yet as to what.
their long term strategies are going to be. However they had smiles on their face. They thought our structure showed.
wonderfully. It'' s it'' s once again,. it ' s on this side of the river. I think individuals forget that there'' s quality. space on this side of the river. Therefore they'' ll most definitely maintain us in mind. So I'' m really thankful that we did since I didn'' t understand that they hadn'' t. seen the within our structure prior to. As well as naturally, our design really it'' s. practically turnkey for state companies due to the fact that we'' re we have the open space,. the workplaces in the seminar areas. We'' re truly wishing that.
they'' ll you understand, I claimed, I know we possess our very own buildings, however we'' re part of the state,.
so please remember us.So contribute to that a person of the largest issues with the state of The golden state.
is constantly the furniture spending plan at whenever private field tenants.
or property managers are trying to rent to them. The state'' s constantly attempting to find out.
how to get the furniture spent for also. And you have really gorgeous furnishings.
in area that potentially.
they could simply tip right into, particularly from a swing room or.
or I imply, ideally, it'' s actually a respectable.
Mr. Percent Thank you really much. And also I desire to compliment personnel.
and all of the great that our experts have been doing over.
the years. It'' s been an attempting time. I assume Sharon and also I,.
who sit on the committee that has been managing this for the last year and also a half or two years,.
and the chairman was there before.So he additionally understands. just how much work and also initiative has actually been taken into sort of fighting the fight. to obtain this building built.
And also we value all of the excellent job. I do desire to ask Greg.
have they become much shorter? Simply kind of a an economic introduction.
of what what the market resembles today and also knowing that.
as one of our consultancies commended to us, that forecasts are tough to make.
Perhaps what you can see in the future. Well, I think what we'' ve seen over.
occupiers of area, is due to the fact that of their uncertainty regarding what.
their impact must look like. They'' ve done shorter term revivals as well as dropped some room,.
claim, 20% on a routine basis.What what the property managers have actually been doing, they ' re afraid to death. regarding losing these lessees.
They ' ve allow them drop their. area, whereas they probably would ' ve taken a harder line in the past.'and also minimized their prices.
So yeah, they have. they have actually boiled down a little. The when you.
when you track the actual fact regarding throughout the board,.
they'' ve certainly come down a bit. It hasn'' t been that much. What what and that'' s really the charging the.
you understand, the price, the actual base prices. But what it has actually enhanced.
is the giving ins, the occupant improvements and the cost-free rental fee giving in,.
the restocking, you recognize, providing a cash money.
to replenish their strategy, points like that. Yet overall, we have actually not seen a substantial decline.
In the price. It'' s been a mild decrease. As well as just how do you anticipate the effect of three.
as well as a half million new square foot space coming on to the market.
that the state is mosting likely to add? Yeah, well, I mean, before the pandemic,.
That area was oversubscribed?

If I can do my job over once again, I'' d strategy for my retirement earlier.That ' s what I do in a different way. You'' ll see that there ' s walls.
And also it'' s it'would be it ' s a it ' s one of our ideal buildings. As well as the various other thing we'' re going to do is newest. Well, I assume what we'' ve seen over.It looked like it wouldn'' t have any
impact effect all as they took down old buildings.Now it '

s we wear'' t recognize.
I ' ve heard we ' ve heard a whole lot of clashing stories. I don'' t assume the state recognizes yet specifically what'' s going to happen there. I suggest, I believe what it comes down to is just how is the state going to re-occupy room? Are they going to share workdesks or is everybody going to require their very own workdesk? And also are you going to return, you know, if you'' re returning three days a week, you know, or are you mosting likely to have a set timetable You can share desks with other individuals or are they going to need their own own space? And the indicator thus far has been that they wear'' t they put on ' t intend to share desks.They everybody wants their very own space. They put on'' t desire need to put their things away. At the end of the day, they desire the adaptability. They can be available in on a monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and after that following week they could transform it up. They put on'' t want to need to reschedule it. That'' s that ' s good for
an office footprint to remain keep continually the exact same dimension. We put on'' t we simply wear ' t know about how the state ' s going
to reoccupy that space and also what that influence will be yet it ' s so far, I would certainly claim they have not every the movings that they ' ve done and the economic sector thinks that the vacated have been prepared in their sequencing plan.They sanctuary

' t done any surprises. You know, the other the the huge the huge revivals that are out there have happened. They place'' t done anything with them. And just one last adhere to up inquiry. Do you see any type of benefit moving on with the issue about fossil footprints that these structures that our structures have in the industry? Is there any type of raised have you observed any kind of increased level of sensitivity to those sort of issues by renters, prospective tenants? Gosh, I feel like it was almost even more of a problem before the pandemic. Company customers were really concentrated on on that. If you'' re talking regarding the reality that the lead certification as well as the clean structures as well as stuff like that, that the chatter we have now is it'' s still crucial, They won'' t pay extra for it.You understand, everybody wants a a truly excellent, tidy structure, They put on'' t desire it to set you back more. You know, it'' s it ' s. just the means it is right currently. I assume it now. Is it even if there
' s so a lot. confusion still in the market, as once we get some clearness,.
Right now, it'' s just it ' s it ' s. not the top of mind.'that ' s an excellent concern.
And also we hope you continue to function. this difficult, because bear in mind that opening up video clip that you saw, you understand, every buck that we conserve.
or we can make, you recognize, is in your own.
to the advantage of our members.So thank you

. That video was excellent. And also and also we'' re going to rent. this structure. I indicate, it ' s simply been untested times. I indicate, this is a great building. It ' s it ' s in an actually solid,. you recognize, location. I mean, whatever concerning it is great. I'' ve been doing this for 35 years.
Thank you, Ms. Adhered to by Control. Thanks for taking the time to be here today.
and also Lisa for inviting as well as I desire to simply do a yell.
out to our associates on the back. Thanks for being here today.
because is a we'' ve we ' ve been via a lot. I assume provides was on today and all of you on great deals of zoom calls.
to just try as well as monitor and value Lisa you as always the attempted and true.
one in the center keeping everything together.I know it ' s been a long journey. and I ' m eagerly anticipating celebrating and also seeing remaining in that development. after March.
I believe, you understand, you'' re increasing Greg. for me. I indicate, as trustees of this board, I think one of the largest things we do.
as we keep track of threat, you recognize, to to the fund.
as well as and as well as expenditures as well as timelines. Therefore several of the remarks as well as solutions.
to those questions, I'' d like to just obtain more of a sense.
and perhaps, Lisa, from you to when. And also I recognize a whole lot of this is in change,.
I review a great deal regarding the change back to work. I find it fascinating and also intriguing.
exactly how different it nearly seems like different.
labor forces have various, you recognize, requirements and or wishes on exactly how they return to work.
which they utilize for office space.Can you just talk a little bit concerning. I appreciate what you ' re saying at the'end about we will certainly Lisa standing. I mean, I that ' s what I desire'to hear. On the one hand, I ask yourself.
if you can assist flesh out several of the when we don'' t understand points that appears like.
even more danger to me when I when I listen to that. So can you maybe talk with where we are.
currently in August, September, currently September or with March? And we'' re looking at the change, Lisa,. that we ' ve been speaking about, concerning moving our personnel into the expansion. and afterwards, you know, having some folks right here and afterwards renting out
. the rest of

the space.Can you sort of.
simply chat with that timeline? And also Greg, as a specialist.
As well as we wear ' t have kind of some strong. Exactly how should we be assuming about this time? Because I am I'' m not worried,.
I'' m absolutely excited to recognize that it can be a smooth change.
for our staff to move over to lease this time.
and also after that have that timing be best. Right. Can you just help us believe with that.
a little bit in regards to the danger piece, because it'' s concerning 6 months,. September, October, November, December, 7 months from now.And exactly how we consider that change.
as well as I guess the chance to your factor, Greg, of how likely do.
you think we can make a smooth shift of renting this while we'' re. making the transition of our things over? Allow me simply begin with something that came.
to mind was just the the absorption. Our absorption of office.
room is typically, you understand, half million.
to a million square feet of your the last two years.
It'' s been going the wrong direction. It'' s been, you recognize, a couple of million.
It'' s going to look a year in development a state of California might be looking.
you recognize, it simply depends. I indicate, they might they can.
they can be required in two months. They might require it in 6 months. And after that there'' s some swing room kind.
kind of requirements that Lisa pointed out previously,.
which is a truly good suggestion since we have area.
someone might essentially enter. I indicate, as for transitioning,.
I suggest, we'' re anticipating getting a number of a number of leases.
pretty close to at the very least one say one flooring around mid-next year,.
maybe two floors.I mean, they ' re going to be'bigger individuals.
of considering the building. There might be a one user.
that takes in 3 floorings. It'' s we ' re not mosting likely to be, you know', simply we ' re not going to be doing. a regular office complex, which we should be slicing all these.
different floors up into tiny rooms. I would certainly prepare for mid-next.
And also there ' s some company locations. If we relocate, allow ' s just say we get this. We'' ve got to, you know,.
as well as all of those things. Possibly it'' ll take a month. as well as then we ' ll start transitioning individuals that are going to relocate.
to the brand-new building, over to the new building,.
As well as'I believe that ' s going. As well as then what we have to do is we have to come back in this structure. We'' ve got individuals that are sitting perhaps on the 16th flooring currently.
that are going to be on the third floor. Therefore we'' ve got some replenish work to do.
that will take a couple of months too. As well as when that work is done, then we would be all set to after that.
do a tenant renovation for somebody else. We can constantly if we obtain an opportunity.
though for a person needs an area sooner,.
we'' ll do whatever it takes. We'' ll have people teleworking on those floors or what.
have you to get individuals. And we wish to be actually imaginative.
with the method we provide our area. And also that'' s making area is wonderful.
and might be. Also,.
we utilize a flooring for other state agencies that have provided up all their space.
that need an area to fulfill as a as a personnel or something,.
simply for thinking regarding everything.So we thank you,

Harry, and thank you for the report.
and simply great development and after that work. This is sort of a side concern, however.
I intended to see if you had any ideas about what has taken place in terms.
of recurring maintenance of the existing office structure inventory. And also I only speak from a personal.
experience that both of my offices that we rent for the state.
financial officer'' s workplace have had significant maintenance issues, water.
primary leakages as well as the like. Has actually that been a concern.
during the pandemic in regards to simply the maintenance.
3 them also when you'' re referring to? Yeah, well, I believe that one is kind of an abnormality, however I would certainly say there are a few various other.
buildings that have had issues like that and also we'' ve really approached the Division of Insurance coverage.
That was component of the technique. That, that would certainly be excellent.
as much as the maintenance. I indicate, they'' re not being made use of as much,.
so they shouldn'' t have that lots of issues. That'' s one of the older course,.
a high surge structures in community. The various other one is 81 K Road,.
which is actually not quite as old, but is is mosting likely to be virtually 30% busy quite soon as as it c.
lessees proceed to vacate it. As well as that one'' s pretty improperly preserved building. Right. Thank you. I think we have some.
leasing area for you here again, yet term, I think that'' s true. I really do have that area.
We simply shed our floor from a water major. I put on'' t see any kind of other board participants.
Thank you. Thank you extremely, Sandra. We are relocating to thing 3,.
Once more, I'' m going to be the ombudsman. This is an activity item and also it ' s to execute the authorization of the connected resolution. Announcing the 2023 political election of active employee members.
the sixth political election of the 3 participants of the board that represent active CalSTRS.
members and participants. The 4 year.
terms of those elected in 2023 will certainly start on January among 2024. CalSTRS does have guidelines.
concerning the political election procedure, and those regulations need the board.
to authorize the issue and concern. A notification of political election which reveals.
the nomination and election duration provides details on eligibility.
and the election procedure and also supplies standards on qualifications.
for coming to be a candidate.CalSTRS will certainly publish the notification of election. taken on by the board on our internet site and we are going to reveal the approval. of this notification as well as the upcoming CalSTRS connections, the CalSTRS. publication mailed to energetic members. The Prospect Details Package. is just one of your accessories.
Within that packet. is the draft notice of election. This is comparable to that adopted. in previous elections as well as is consistent with existing laws. and also ideal methods. And also the draft before you needs. prospects to collect 250 signatures of
energetic members. to get approved for the ballot. CalSTRS lately checked 6. retirement systems from around the nation to establish. an affordable trademark demand. We discovered that.
the ordinary number of signatures was 270. CalSTRS has actually called for 250 trademarks. in all five previous elections.
We are recommending. I ' d like to highlight some of the secret.

4 of the packet with the fostering of the notification of political election.
that will begin the nomination period, candidates will have till January.
10th of 2023 to submit the election.
forms and request signatures.On February 21st, we

will reveal. the name of the certified prospects. The election.
will certainly then be held from September 29th with November 30th of 2023. The person that obtains.
a plurality of the ballots will certainly be proclaimed the champion and also their term will start.
on January one of 2024. With that, I will be pleased to hand any type of inquiries to Lisa. Cassandra.
Brian'' s here too for any kind of information. That ' s my that ' s my answering.
Thank you very much. I'simply I ' d love to ask a question.
of either you or Lisa, but my concerns for Brian.
with what we'' ve performed in the past. Yes. I'' ve been evaluating this.
as it'' s been placed together. We'' ve looked at it from even our Office of Ethics.
And after that I'' d step adoption. I believe it'' s been moved by Mr. Existing to embrace the resolution.
Yamamoto, you'' re still on the queue. I thank you. I just wanted to make sure.
that when you stated a, the political election results is just the plurality, plurality.
and not a bulk. Correct. I just desire that to be made clear.
on the record.That is right. Okay. Thanks. Thanks for that clarification. Seeing no other participants in the line. Jennifer, will certainly you take the of. All. Controller a mr. JOHNSON. All. Mr. FRASER. Yes, Ms. Yamamoto Hello, Mr. Tang, I Miss Hendricks. Yes, Miss Bradford. Yes, Miss Arden. Yes, Mr. Gunning. Yes, Mr. Ruffino. Yes, Miss Whitaker. Yes. Chairperson Keeley,.
Thank you. Just item four, which.
Who'' s taking the lead. Mr. Peres, great early morning. Participants of the board chairman.
Keeley Expense Peres, Chief Benefits Police Officer and Exec.
Co-Sponsor of Pension Plan Solution Job. We are below this early morning.
for 2 objectives. One, to supply an upgrade on pension plan.
solution tasks, and afterwards the other is the action product.
you described, which would be for a demand for increase of financing on the pension solution job.
We have actually established resources for funding, which I'' ll obtain into a little bit later on. In terms of update.
on where we stand today, my associate Ashish Jain and also I are delighted to announce.
that we have gotten to an official contract with Saudi tech services.
after much spirited conversation and also we will be giving some highlights regarding the ten web page statement of work,.
which will certainly direct Saget Technology in collaboration with us during the change duration.
through June of 2023. Throughout.
that time, CGI will certainly remain to provide vital services.
such as system maintenance, and we will certainly be working with a series.
of tasks comprehensive of 8 particular. That Sage Tech Option will certainly be entailed.
in the primary emphasis that we will certainly be looking.
to have them address. As well as initial priority.
will certainly be to consider system quality. So consisted of in that will certainly be an evaluation.
of opportunities for improvement that will certainly be comprehensive.
of screening technique along with potentially.
likewise application advancement design.And we '

re mosting likely to be overcoming the 8 Workstreams to finest utilize the collaboration.
with team sources for screening. They will also be focused.
on decreasing the existing backlog of defects and continue to address necessary solutions.
such as design and development system screening as well as customer acceptance.
testing assistance. So as component of that contract, we would certainly be looking for approval to for funding functions to utilize $15,865,000 from the Teachers Retired life.
Fund Support Appropriations Fund. Which would be derived.
in 2 elements as follows 8,007,000 would be from .
2020, 2021, as well as 7,858,000 would certainly be stemmed from 2122 for the continuing to be 14,135,000, which would comprise this time.
as well as materials agreement. We would certainly be leveraging spending plan authority.
from the Infotech Job Fund appropriations.
in addition to inner gets. With that said, I want to pass it.
over to my colleague and also professional for the Independent Project Oversight Record on the standing of pension.
service activities, Mr.Graham Finley.

Greetings, everyone. Graham Finley, Give Thornton.
are below to offer simply a couple of remarks around our latest independent.
oversight report. As Costs mentioned,.
we'' re now in an interim duration with the acting solutions agreement.
signed with Sagittarius so that the the collection of activities that are underway.
currently for the next nine months or two are a little different.
than they have been, you understand, throughout the duration of the CGI. So as you might have seen, we changed.
the structure of our oversight record truly to concentrate on the various workstreams.
that are going to be underway from knowledge transfer, from the CGI team.
to Sedgwick and CalSTRS to continue Project work,.
as Expense mentioned, and in addition as well as specifically significantly.
and our perspective, the growth of the method for several future.
RFPs and also the real development of those. Our intent over the following.
number of months is to concentrate our coverage on the value and progress being provided.
throughout these various workstreams. And then likewise to recognize any kind of substantial.
threats around these workstreams and also to examine whatever.
mitigation activities are underway, we'' d welcome any comments or pointers.
that you have around either the style or the material of that record.
to make it most valuable to you.One update I wish to offer. in regards to the material of the record given that we submitted.
the thing, since we'' ve been an active. individuals in a great deal of the conversations that have been taking place over.
recent weeks on procurement approach. And also I have to state, we'' re we ' re very. motivated by both the kind of the tone as well as material of those discussions.
we'' ve seen, I assume, an exhibition of creativity,.
an openness to new ideas. Not simply sort of painting, paving,.
you understand, the same structure that we had in the past with CGI,.
however also an actual persistance concerning recognizing pros.
as well as cons of various alternatives. I'' m pretty positive that at this point.
the council has executives as well as fairly short order are going to have some well-thought out.
choices to select from around procurement. And we remain to believe it'' s probably among one of the most substantial.
calculated choices that CalSTRS has to make.
in the equilibrium of the fiscal year. And also so we'' re mosting likely to be paying.
certain interest to that. With that, I'' ll take any questions.Thank you, Mr. Finley.

Any board participants with concerns for Expense or Graham? Mr. Yamamoto, many thanks for the record. This is all, Ken. So it ' s like deja vu. When I'first hopped on the board,. we chatted about this project as well as and exactly how it was from the beginning project. and also how it looked at that.
So it ' s really come a long way.
and you know, thanks everyone for your job.
as well as simply sort of holding on remaining remaining with remaining with all the efforts.
that have been going on.I ' ve been receiving the reports and as well as attempting to keep us educated as I can.
I appreciate all the job. Therefore thanks. The only question that the the point that held up to me.
on your record, Gram, is the health and wellness analysis. You spoke about a 3rd event supplier. Can you speak a little.
regarding what that is as well as how that looks and what are what are.
what do we expect from it? Anyway, I'' ll comment. As well as there'' s massive concern of out.
additionally information.

You understand, it'' s it ' s. just the way it is right currently. Right currently, it'' s just it ' s it ' s. not the top of mind. It ' s it ' s in an actually solid,. I'' ve been examining this.
And also I have to say, we'' re we ' re very.Yes, there'' s a third party vendor
What we were listening to that we have eyeball Ken Ivey as well as V.
and and also own team with the assessmentEvaluation
and afterwards we have supplier. Everybody was providing.
a little various take. You know what is done.
methods like somebody stating 50%, our previous vendor was stating 99%.
as well as somebody is claiming 70%. So the idea that maybe we'' ll take. the brand-new independent outside voice and simply recall along with the forward.
looking, now we are looking onward. I think whatever took place, I think.
we'' re dedicated to make all those changes. Whatever lesson discovered so far,.
we wear'' t have to repeat that one. And also we are extremely dedicated from the exec team, from the job.
team, from other service sponsors.So I assume after that Gram was discussing India, just how we will certainly utilize. you found out about the needs.
We have a lot of demands and after that needs are like 100,000. feet degree or 5000 feet level. How we can pivot in such a way.
that if we are bringing a new system integrator,.
they can recognize that item. We are mitigating threat for the future.
that how we can place our hand around India.
and also exactly how the vendor area, the future supplier area in there.
that they will bid on this.They are certain that they are bidding process,. They waiting for us.
We ' re truly good. as well as everyone ' s kind of aboard. As well as I believe I was grinning. when I took the few of you, you know, this is a very long time. I ' m sensation very certain and also delighted. that we are all events collaborating.
As well as this goal,. that needing to make this job effective from the vendor, from our team,. exec group, the oversight, everybody is just simply not debating. now is not going there. Why this is. this is a you understand, is is a pest or is it improvement or you understand.
so I believe is that the why we are seeing in the ground and.
as well as crossing the finish line together. I assume this is really,.
actually after long time I'' m sensation pleased that, you recognize,.
everyone'' s integrated for one voice.That ' s exactly how we will certainly make this task.
successful. All right. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks, Mr. Chair. I assume just to contribute to that.
one element that I really feel is necessary and is already obvious in the interaction.
and communication with during this interim service.
duration, is that for the very first time, we actually have.
straight accessibility to the application designer of the neo spend platform, which upon.
which this solution will be based. And every little thing from the discussion and also arrangement.
to the point of getting to agreement has actually been really collaborative. As you could expect. They have a beneficial interest,.
such a technology service performs in making certain.
that this task is successful.And so we are extremely

positive. moving forward in collaboration, at the very least during this acting period,.
until we have the ability to present the procurement to locate a system.
integrator to take us to execution. When is that? When is the target.
date will be at existing? It would certainly be lined up with June of 2023,.
although we will be involving you probably in the March duration.
Thank you. Thank you, Harry. Thank you for the update.
many thanks to the whole task team. You understand, this is a1i think is a healthy and balanced reset of kinds,.
a significant reset. But I do think that to Graham'' s factor, you recognize,. the fact that we have this opportunity to believe even more expansively.
and honestly regarding just how we progress in this replanning stage,.
I believe is actually vital. As well as clearly, considering remaining to aid.
maintain the board notified, you know, about the status.
of all that, I did wish to ask as well as this is probably mosting likely to be part.
of Graham'' s report going forward, the WORKSTREAMS,. I believe, are actually critical to truly
kind of. consider the job along those lines.And so I ' m

really grateful.
for type of reorienting our believing around that. Yet to Karen'' s point,. I assume at some point we intend to just sort of beginning to connect.
a long time structures around a few of this to the level that that'' s practical. That ' s not to'state we ' re mosting likely to work towards,.
you recognize, necessarily a difficult due date. I do think that you have.
numerous relocating components and so a lot of them interrelated,.
that we want to simply make sure that all of those are obtaining accomplished.
well with the expectation that, you understand,.
this board, with our oversight duty, I have some suggestion around just the timeframe.
connected with each, so allow'' s simply be a demand. Thank you, CONTROLLER.
Thanks. Mr. Well, initially of all,. believe it ought to be recognized that the Chairman as well as the Controller. have been the subcommittee that has actually been overseeing this procedure.
in behalf of the Board. And as well as I would hope.
that as we proceed this journey, that we reach the destination well, while we'' re attempting to reach. the location that will certainly have that exact same type of over view.
from the subcommittee because the work that you'' ve been involved.
in, I recognize, has been time consuming and it'' s not been effortless and also it ' s been an obstacle for

everyone.And so I guess what I wish to state is.
thanks to the chairman, thank you to the controller for being our eyes.
and ears while we weren'' t there. And, you recognize, I eagerly anticipate having.
only positive records from now on. We had enough of the angst previously,.
Thank you to all. Thanks, Mr. Track. And also I do understand that Graham and the controller as well as myself.
we'' ve talked around and also we certainly will be looking.
for some feedback. I assume a number of board participants,.
if I remember correctly, the last conference, what the.
proper cadence will certainly remain in regards to reporting to the board between meetings.
That the ideal details is coming to us at the best time.
And also we ' re going to be looking to probably.
This is an activity thing. There is a resolution attached that there. Second, it ' s been moved by Controller Yee,.
Questions, seeing none. Yamamoto and also Mr. Tang. Hi, Mr. Rufina.
by the motion papers? Thanks. Thanks quite. Thank you. Following thing. Thing 5 is the recommended 2324.
running budget plan. Julie Undergrowth This is an info, a product. And also after this thing,.
we'' ll take a possibly a 10 minute break. Just now, fire. Julie,.
Excellent morning. For the document, Julie Underbrush, Principal Financial Policeman.
and also I am here with Paul Baynes. She is senior economic preparation manager and we'' re providing the suggested 2324.
I just desired to recognize
that putting together operating budgetBudget plan It takes Paul.
that we'' re all being fiscally responsible which we'' re guaranteeing. that we have the proper validation for every one of the resources as well as funding.
that we are asking for as a company. Therefore I simply wish to take.
this chance to thank her and her team for all the effort.
that they'' ve done, creating the operating spending plan ideas.
before you today. Thank you. All right. I need every go. This is a slide to remind you.
of what we'' ve been with the last 3 budget cycles. We have over the last 3 years.
been being fiscally sensible, decreasing our expenses and severely limiting our requests to you for sources. You understand, that did trigger us.
to have to reassess our concerns and our workload during that time.Now, we additionally have a new.
strategic plan that has great deals of brand-new terrific initiatives.
that we intend to also complete. Therefore for this upcoming budget year,.
the principles does include a request for 56 settings.
at a cost of $8.6 million, in addition to an added 8.7 million.
for rises in technology expenditure. So that totals to $17.3 million. And as you can see from this slide,.
from a calculated strategy perspective, most likely to the leading advancement.
and taking care of adjustment area really stands for the largest part of the demand.
prior to you. This slide reveals you.
the breakdown of the 56 settings that were requested by business location and also in the board thing before you today.
it has high level summaries of the key tasks.
that are to be carried out. There'' s a couple of things that desired to point out. pertaining to the 56 positions for you. 21 of them will support our company.
reporting to a final benefit effort, and also that is the job that we'' re doing. for problems concerning the adjustments to member advantages.
after retirement.Now, this setting will permit us. to do even more in the areas.
There ' s 14 settings. that will sustain conformity
as well as danger monitoring initiatives. throughout the organization.
Those are doing points. like checking adherence
to plan, legal needs and agreement terms, as well as making sure that our cybersecurity. program stays on top of dangers.
There ' s 14 even more. placements that will certainly sustain administrative as well as assistance activities for tasks. as change monitoring initiatives, total modern technology improvements,. and also making certain we have the resources to do those added video requests and media. items like you saw today. That was simply amazing. The team did a fantastic job on that particular. And after that there ' s 5 positions. out of the staying 56 to support the joint design efforts. for payment support, and developing an unit committed.
to improving technology refines to advance investment analytics.
and decision making capabilities.Now, I did want to state, since these.
are for the collaborative design, these five placements were not contemplated.
And that ' s because we didn ' t. want to
back load lots bunch lot non-investment.
since we intended to kind of wait and also see exactly how that application was mosting likely to occur. as well as exactly how much added assistance they would certainly need beyond
the investment. branch. That ' s. why you ' re seeing these 5 positions.
These are for the.
for for'the modern technology solutions area as well as one for h.r
. Concerning the 8.7 million. that ' s requested the technology, rises of 4.9 million is for the cloud. information center system solutions. Which ' s to relocate
us to that. digital data facility. 1.2 million is for various cybersecurity. devices as well as infrastructure support. 1 million is to update the network. for the member phone call facility system support, as well as that ' s to ensure we ' re working. to improve our consumer experiences and boost that complete satisfaction'for those calls. entering our call center. And afterwards the continuing to be 1.6 is for numerous software program permit and membership costs.Now, along with the ideas, the suggested running budget. will likewise consist of other financial adjustments that net to a decrease of 2.2 million, and also that consists of the 9.9 million. for the financial investment management. BCP This is the third year of the plan. as well as in the 3rd year we will certainly obtain 21 placements through. that strategy that ' s currently been accepted
for state mandates. We ' ve approximated that at'1.4 million,. that is for our ad valorem evaluation that we ' re evaluated through the Division. of Money, along with net boosts to salaries as well as benefits per.
Then the the reduction is mainly due to the 13.5. Those are for one time expenses in last. As well as due to the fact that it ' s one time expenses as well as that needs to roll off the budget plan.
That ' s an increase of 4% over the previous. year budget.
From a setting viewpoint,. those 77 positions. So again, that ' s the 56 that we ' re asking. for in the concepts, plus the 21 that ' s already authorized to support the recurring'.
joint design execution that'enhances our placements by 6%.
There are two various other areas that I simply desired to make you conscious of,. Today is, of course, you know.
about the Pension Option Task. As Bill mentioned, we wish to.
or will certainly need to increase the spending plan to get that task to conclusion,.
but we want to wait a little bit much longer, obtain that procurement even more along
to ensure that we can return. with an actually excellent price quote for what we believe. that may cost to end up that project.So worst instance, we ' ll come back in March. and we have to
do it by March because we require to get in.

to the May modified procedure with the state to make certain
that we ' re. including that amount in the Budget plan Act so that we can have those funds. available on July 1st. So we'' ll maintain you upgraded on that after that we have Setting up Expense 1667. If the Guv indicators that,. that will certainly require added'resources different from the employer reporting to last benefit efforts. that we
' re wish to accomplish.That regulations manage overpayment,. responsibilities, support CalSTRS gives to employers,
too.'as our audit as well as charms processes. As well as Joycelyn is mosting likely to provide you.
with even more details on that particular in simply a few mins. in her legislative upgrade. So with. that, today ' s thing is educational, yet we are asking for your input to ensure that we can include any one of your. comments and also the last proposed budget that we will certainly bring back to you. at the November board for authorization. So with that said,. if you have any type of inquiries, we ' d enjoy to respond to them.Controller Thank you, Harry,. and thanks Julie for the report. Just a general question relative to the moment framework that it ' s taking currently to load settings. We

' re discussing a great deal of
placements. below. Therefore I just desire to make sure. that within a spending plan year that it ' s possible. that all these settings can be filled. Well, that ' s a truly excellent inquiry.
We are doing our ideal.
We have an impressive human resources team that works with every person. When we have employments to assist us.
I can ' t rest right here as well as tell you 100% that. We will certainly do our ideal on July 1st.
We do some pre-work ahead of time. to try to get ahead of it, to try to make best use of trying. to get those those settings filled, since we have a lot of job.
we need to do.And so it ' s actually important that we.
we have the best team in position to aid us and also attempt to find the right people.

for those'placements. And I know it ' s
been difficult. just in regards to the pandemic as well as type of expectations about work.
And also it'really also, I think, speaks to for. I don ' t know
if you have a. anything more granular about just simply of an existing current for some of the more. You understand, and you understand, we are starting to.
see employment is taking much longer. We wish that ' s not a pattern.
Thank you. I just curious, the other day we spoke regarding the collaborative version.
And also what I see in usual across those three subjects, and there are. Possibly we ' ll go back to life 2019 when we ' re in a deep recession. Maybe'we won ' t. As well as how do we'you recognize,.
just how are we thinking of how people work, where they function? Just how are we going
to get a lot of people, I believe, have reviewed.
what ' s essential to them.The labor force. So I intend to make sure that we ' re. testing ourselves to make sure that when I begin assuming that the world. tomorrow is mosting likely to be specifically

how it was five years earlier, 10 years back,.
someone stated, possibly it won ' t be Harry. And also exactly how do you think of that then? No response, yet just concerns as well as interest as to do we test ourselves.
Just how ought to we be assuming about a structure. We can ' t. These are things I assume we have to be.
assuming, thinking around. And as you provided and as Comptroller.
Ye increased, all of us understand that there are challenges. discovering people to take great jobs.Will that change? I wear ' t understand. I like listening to the experts.
who think they understand the response,.
I wear ' t think we recognize. I simply wish.
That ' s a perfect setup for the job that. we ' re going to be doing at the offsite, when we ' re going to be speaking about.
technology and also the advancement and method and also what we'' re mosting likely to be considering.
'there ' s a there ' s a great deal of content,. And that ' s why we have such a substantial emphasis. And I'' ve been responsive to our future,.
We'' re excited about all of the job that we'' re going to be doing.That ' s

fantastic, Cassandra. And also one various other thing.
I hope we continue to test ourselves on, and also I know it'' s within. our strategic plan is just how we ' re thinking of filling these settings.
with diversity, equity, addition concerns that we'' ve spoke about.
as well as we'' ve welcomed in the critical strategy. How do we think of ensuring.
that individuals who function in this building, the individuals that take care of the resources.
on part of us, really are reflective.
of of a varied group of individuals. And also I know we do, yet I desire to make certain that that'' s front as well as center.
in our continuing discussions. As well as I can see how those issues connect.So no activity

here today. Be fascinating to see just how it all unravels. Yeah. Thanks so much. Thank you. When we take a 10 min break.
till 10:30 a.m., we'' ll come back at 1030 and after that for the terrific I believe we'' re all have our computers.
Item 6 is the business risk administration as well as it'' s details item. I manage your Venture Danger Monitoring.
Program here at CalSTRS, and I'' m right here to provide to you our biannual report.
as of June 30th, 2022.

And that ' s since we didn ' t. want to
back load a bunch lot non-investment. That ' s. why you ' re seeing these 5 placements.
Once again, that ' s the 56 that we ' re asking. Perhaps we ' ll go back to life 2019 when we ' re in a deep recession.'there ' s a there ' s a lot of material,.I am simply mosting likely to cover the highlights
today.I got a couple

of slides
which is brand-new for us. We wear'' t typically do slides, however I thought we believed we would certainly attempt
the visuals, see if that helps me. Ideally it help you as well,
but absolutely it helped me. All right. What I revealed on the screen
here is our heatmap that we'' ve been revealing you
In this certain
heatmap, we actually really six risk. That ' s the first time. There are four danger categories.
that have actually transformed because the last time we reported to you.
And also there were really three drivers. for those changes.The initially was simply volatility. in the worldwide economic markets.
Possibly that developed the adjustment. for the pension financing.
Investments change. We listened to earlier that there was an uptick. in organizational turnover and that is what ' s driving
. the operational threat. Threat rating adjustment and afterwards the hold-ups linked. with the pension remedy job. Those are driving the reputational. and transformational ranking adjustments on this slide. Now, in the record on the in in add-on. to the threat rating report
, we have information connected. with each of the danger categories.If you sanctuary ' t currently seen,. those those details do exist there. I. So the emerging risk universe map this is FIG. one on page 6 of product six. And we ' ve shown this to you previously. A few of you this was several of'you. This will know. A few of these possibly not. This is a tool that the company uses. to assess and check our emerging
risks. And also you ' ll see on this on this slide,. we ' ve obtained both both emerging threats and existential risks. The emerging risks are plotted. on the radar screen with CalSTRS remaining in the center. as well as the range from CalSTRS to the dots.
Representing the emerging dangers stands for. Right here at CalSTRS. You ' ll additionally discover that with the yellow.
So as an example,. the inflationary pressures and geopolitical disturbances.
have actually obtained closer to considering that last we reported, because undoubtedly
the. the Russia-Ukraine battle is continuing. We ' ve obtained extra tensions. between the United States and China as well as Taiwan. And afterwards clearly the heightened.
inflationary stress just have continued. and also it resembles they will proceed.
So we have relocated those and within the thing on page 6, we really have some details of who. as well as why we relocated each of these there additionally. So we ' ll cover all of that
. There ' s also another modification. on the radar display. We added DART 12, which is we added that
to recognize. that there might be a modification or a problems obtaining cyber. related insurance coverage in the future. This is something you can see. We got this outside both year mark,. It ' s out there ways.There ' s something our ISO team is keeping a really close eye on.

and we'' ll bring it to you. If there ' s things transform that'they need to give your interest,. they will do that in the future.
The something sanctuary ' t discussed yet. is existential'threats.
Currently, those are those are points.
Having actually durable conversations in some cases regarding some of these we want to do. And also so what we'' ve done is we ' ve been able. And also we really hope that will certainly aid kind of frame the discussion around development,.
And after that so with any luck that'' ll. We'' ll just add more worth to those.
conversations at the October offsite. To make sure that concludes my ready remarks. Pleased to answer any kind of concerns.
Controller Yea, Terry, thank you Harry. Thank you for report. An inquiry pertaining to the Classification seven, the operational elements.
concerning team turnover. And also I intend to see if you could provide.
a bit much more context around why for I presume, the reasons.
Or is it throughout the venture as well.So I am happy to let Melissa speak to it. That'' s okay.
if I'' m not stating something right, but also for the turnover,. it is across all areas for retired lives in voluntary voluntary we'' re seeing just and also little uptick.
like I mentioned earlier in all the categories.
we are keeping a close eye on. It'' s it ' s well

, it is'greater our targets 10%.
We'' re at 12.1. So that ' s. why we ' re just watching on it
to see if it ' s something.' that ' s going to obtain worse or if it ' s simply, you understand, because of the setting. that we ' re in right currently. And afterwards it'' ll kind of calm down. 'we ' re just maintain it ' s on here. because it ' s simply something that we ' re we ' re looking at as well as monitoring currently. I value your being on here. I just intend to be certain it wasn ' t concentrated in certain service devices. where, you recognize, it ' s across the board. Okay. Yeah. And the volunteer turnover is around. the 7% array. We ' re seeing more retired lives.
this in 2015, also, which is driving that that rise. Okay, excellent. Thank you, Costs. Thanks, Mr. Chairman. I considering this arising threat cosmos map, you have the existential danger that points.
I ' m curious. I don'' t recognize what that indicates. I'' m still I ' m sorry.
the financial investment as well as Pension plan Benefit Management.
together in one organization. We see it at CalPERS,.
They ' ll have all the investments.
as well as all of the pension systems utilize that.So while

that'' s not. something we ' ve seen right here in The golden state, it is in other places of as well as in the united state And so we consisted of that as something.
the least think about as well as to think of. Thanks. And also then there'' s one item that I,. I see as somehow having an influence that in some way.
might have an impact on our financing strategy. As well as that is the decrease.
in the variety of educators leaving the mentor career and also its influence on local school areas and likewise members charges and so forth. To make sure that has actually turned up in both.
the demographic change concept that'' s on existential risk and likewise come. up in our change to alternating education.It has actually turned up as as both a consequence.
I believe you'' re right on factor. Philip, this is a fantastic record. Every year it'' s seriously crucial.
to our danger oversight obligations and also the the slide here,.
this is it'' s truly a terrific visual. And as the the existential risks,.
if they become a growing number of heightened,.
we'' ll have time for conversation on those.But this is a truly

fantastic record. for us to have some presence into just how you ' re thinking about the risks. and also our duty in surveillance, managing it. Thanks a lot. Thank you for the possibility. Next product. Product seven. Sustainable Principles Across the Business. Love seeing a member of the financial investment.
team here or deputy CIO together with Executive Team.
Lisa Blattner presenting with each other nearly like pillars integrating. We'' ve additionally obtained our specialists in. Actually bring them up on display. Oh, fine. Looking.
back to see if we'' ve got them engaged yet.So Scott,.
if you wish to go on as well as start, I simply intend to see to it.
that he'' s on the line. Okay. He gets on the line. Go in advance. All right. Great. Well, I'' m his name is Brian Novak. He is the taking care of supervisor.
as well as CFO of the IHS Group as well as he is our sustainability.
consultant inside. Welcome, Brian. Thank. Good morning, participants of board. I'' m thrilled to be below.
I ' m going to offer.
Then we ' ll talk regarding CalSTRS. as a sustainable organization as well as after that we ' ll have Bryan, that. we just introduced, chat about how we are mosting likely to gauge, excuse me and also manage our admissions.
We are going to require the assistance. We ' re appealing companies and also regulators.In reality, our our system wrote a letter. Corporations disclose not just scope one.
and also range two discharges, yet range three. So I ' m extremely urged that today.
we ' ll talk about just how as a company, CalSTRS,. we will be tracking and gauging our very own scope. 3 Exhausts. as well as establishing a strategy for
that also. I think that I ' d like to coin a phrase from Controller Betty that this is leadership. I suggest, when we can incorporate and state to our companies and also our profile. firms, our supervisors as well as say, you recognize, we desire you to reveal this. and we ' re doing
it ourselves. We ' re leading by example from the beginning of Cassandra ' s appointment.She ' s had a clear'instructions vision,. which is to incorporate sustainability across the organization as mirrored in our critical plan.
As a result, we ' ve been very willful. We ' ve been coordinating. We ' ve been learning together.
Prior to I end that', I do desire call out the great job. that Lisa Plotnick is doing, that Rhonda Lunt she is doing.
and my team certainly Kirstie, Brian, they ' re very amazed
. with what ' s going at the enterprise level.
So with that being stated,. I ' d love to hand it off to Lisa.
You took some of my lines. That ' s all right.
the offsite, the board requested normal updates on just how we prepare to incorporate sustainability.
As well as we'' ve functioning with a business.
with what the magnum opus in the financial investment group is doing to look for to seek this across the profile. So this is a first update with,.
a focus on tactical strategy objective number three,.
which is lasting organization.And today we ' re going to discuss the job. we ' re carrying out in the areas of'how we prepare to operationalize environmental, social and administration. principles throughout the enterprise.
And also after that then in March, we ' re going to be. Team has actually established a three year. 20 to 25 calculated strategy as well as of the very first exercises we completed.
is the range of tasks accomplished by business and by entities. that are upstream as well as downstream to bring services or products.
from their fertilization to their end use.
Here we see on this slide our primary. and also support tasks in the initial 2 rows, complied with by include benefits. in our underlying foundational tasks.
Currently this value chain map aids us examine critical choices,. consisting of innovation as well as developing additional services.
for our members and our staff members. Each.
year we present our sustainability record at the March board conference for the previous. financial year, as well as we identify and report on product topics. that mirror the business ' s significant economic,.
environmental and social impacts.Our last'record marked our eighth year. as well as transparently reporting our progress, making use of the Global.
Reporting Effort ' s criteria.
To make this record also better,. with the aid of the ISOs team, we ' ve benchmarked ourselves against pension. peers and also finest techniques companies.
We carried out subject issue. specialist interviews for every service device standing for participants,. companies as well as worker stakeholders.
And afterwards we validated. the highest possible concern subjects with our exec sustainability group. And based on those results,. we ' ve identified some additional sustainability topics. for the existing calculated cycle. Previous topics always will stay. our concern participant retired life, education, complete financing, shift to internet no. and variety, equity and addition. What we ' ve included currently is privacy. and also info safety, lasting procedures. and also worker and also human funding management.So you will see all of these subjects with appropriate steps.
Today we ' re going to speak regarding.
Therefore going to turn it over. currently to Bryan, our expert to continue the presentation by Nick. Bryan Novak below, handling director at ISOs Team, one of the group participants. sustaining CalSTRS.
In this effort we ' ve been engaged to sustain it ' s assimilation.
As well as one part of our engagement consists of a supply of CalSTRS. Fine-tune prospective reduction targets. I ' ll be strolling through our job this far.
The procedure. Exploration. Second is to supply as well as evaluate the significance of various sources.
the inventory was derived and also help. and the advancement of future supplies. This action also included an assessment.
of the company ' s present technique of reporting range one. and also scope to exhausts. Ultimately, exhausts information administration.
to apply normally approved accounting principles. to reduce the venture greenhouse gas exhausts stock again, which omits.
the investment portfolio for our range. And also this footprint
will certainly be broken down. by scope and also category of emissions, which I ' ll delve into next.The graphic on the following slide. right here is created by the Globe Source Institute ' s Greenhouse Gas Protocol,. taken into consideration the top requirement

for creating a greenhouse gas discharges. inventory. We ' ll see the six greenhouse gases. included consisted of across the top
of the visuals emissions from these gases. are grouped into three ranges based upon the hidden activity. producing those emissions range. One emissions are from straight sources. that are possessed or managed by the company, and we can consider this,. such as the combustion of fuel,
most usually natural gas to heat structures. or gas to power business owned vehicles.Scope 2 Exhausts are indirect exhausts. from the generation of electrical power bought by the company and also extent. 3 are various other indirect discharges that happen up as well as down.
In this visuals,. While there are generally accepted. And based on the maturation of this effort.
To the next slide, we ' ll begin. with the extra simple extent.
Scope one and extent to state companies are needed.
to yearly report the range one. Scope two greenhouse gas exhausts. in the Environment Registry Details System, or'Cris,.
which CalSTRS has actually done because 2005. Here, see the Scope one as well as Scope. 2 emissions from HQ activities, which is which has actually been reported. in the 2122 Sustainability.
Below that, you ' ll see exactly how acquired. One and also CO 2 exhausts moving on to 2 range 3 emissions stemming
from upstream.
supply chain, supply chain and downstream end use tasks, according to CDP, formerly. the Carbon Disclosure Projects Global Supply.
Chain Record in 2020, providers reported that their upstream emissions. or their supply chain exhausts or on average, 11.4 times better than. those created through straight operations.In easy terms, extent. three emissions are often orders of magnitude bigger. than range one and also range to discharges. Previously, CalSTRS has reported on Extent. 3 exhausts from one group business travel, which is considered. an upstream exhausts category. What we ' ve done is we ' ve gone.

via an examined CalSTRS operations as well as determined the stock shall.
consist of these 6 scope 3 categories. In addition, we located that the procurement.
of products and services, particularly services,. was the best factor to the enterprise ' s. estimated greenhouse gas emissions.
This stock is truly simply a starting point range three accounting.
approaches are evolving as well as we anticipate information availability specific to CalSTRS.
and information high quality to enhance over time.
And also as these modifications happen,. Three classifications. With that, I ' ll hand it back to Ms.
Thank you, Brian. We require to establish a management
while seeking decrease chances. So it ' s one point, track it, yet we
' ve reached make sure we ' re doing. we have a production strategy and also it ' s vital. that we look for top quality partners throughout the procurement of products as well as.
services that are lined up with our values.Now, that ' s something new, best? As well as when you think of Extent three and also we speak, you know,. Scott discussed the help'that they ' re mosting likely to require. on the financial investment side.
From a functional side,. We need aid. As well as so one of the very first points.
We ' ll take that data. that we come back or establish a baseline.
As well as if we ' re finding that. there ' s lots of suppliers that we ' re working. with now that are fully grown in this area, we may add it to our minimum. certifications in our system, in our solicitations.If not, if we'put on ' t address.
minimal credentials, possibly we'give preference indicate companies,. have a sustainability plan, and they ' re actively working with. decreasing their greenhouse gas discharges. To ensure that ' s mosting likely to be. what we ' re going to be doing. Primary step as we take a look at browse how we can boost the relationship. with our vendors and after that. We look ahead to their HQ. Is solar panels on the building. that ' s to really lower our extent one as well as two discharges,. specifically our CO2 discharges
. And also so'we ' ll have more information on this. for you in 2023. We expect that that solar panel.
will certainly provide us those photovoltaic panels,
. will offer us the energy that we need to virtually supply the energy.
that'we need for both structures. And keeping that, I
' m delighted. to address any type of concerns. Give thanks to you.Ms. Platt We do have a pair of board members with. concerns or comments, beginning with Mr. Prasanth and Controller Yee.
Expense. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. First off, I ' m constantly satisfied.
with the quantity of progress that we are making on this front,.
and also I commend the interaction.

in between both the investment team and also the functional team.
of the organization. And in pursuing this. and creating an once more, tools that we can gauge, you know, our footprint,.
our nonrenewable fuel source impact. One of the concern I just have one.
concern, due to the fact that I ' m always
type of surprised that we ' re taking part in a means.
by which we can gauge these nonrenewable fuel source emissions. And they ' re on the slide, that is the greenhouse gas protocol extents.
and exhausts across the value chain.
There ' s a source that is'mentioned.
there wri w b c as the company worth chain. What organization is it?

There ' s also one various other adjustment. And so what we'' ve done is we ' ve been able.'we ' re simply keep it ' s on here. I'' m still I ' m sorry. It ' s one point, track it, yet we
' ve got to make sure we ' re doing.You describe that resource. Who is it? What do they do? You recognize, this is just one of the tools
Brian, are you on the line? One is in standard setting.
I ' m sorry I missed out on the beginning of that. Fairly a couple of various means to go regarding it. Simply a final concern.
Yes, definitely. Many thanks. Thanks significantly.
Thank you, Expense. What ' s this? As well as so my question is, I hope we wear ' t hotel back to kind of simply basic industry.
Are we going to at some point.
depend on modeling to sort of obtain to the, you recognize, sort of the most effective, best, you understand, information that
we can get. or are we mosting likely to I, I simply wear ' t desire to kind of repeat. what we ' ve been seeing in terms of the reporting that ' s been done as well as scope.
three naturally being very challenging, however it is a huge item of the emissions,.
you understand, sort of difficulty. So, you understand, I hear you. There was Senate Expense.
1203 gets on the guv ' s desk now to be signed.And, of program, that takes care of the extent as well as one, scope. one and also range two discharges. Extent 3 discharges, like you. claimed, are a little harder.
As well as so, you know,. I assume that dealing with with Brian Novak and also ISOs Team, we ' re going. to, you know, once more, identify what are the ideal inquiries. to ask in the survey to make certain.
And also exactly how do we how do we confirm that as well as verify.

on the professionals to make certain that'we'ask the appropriate concerns, to make certain. we get the appropriate information back and.I believe one of the difficulties.

is going to be, also, is exactly how we you recognize, I believe I believe it'' s coming. for all state agencies. I mean, we ' re we ' re beginning with Range.
one and Scope 2 exhausts. And also I assume Range three.
And also so I assume. And again, I believe that we'' ll simply have.
that we'' re asking the right concerns and also we have the capability to validate.
the info we'' re returning here.Okay. As well as possibly I'' ll ask very same concern to Brian. just to see whether he has any monitorings regarding where.
there has actually been some progression with respect to exactly how we take a look at Extent 3 data. Thank you. I would say when we start to establish the stock,.
we certainly make use of some evaluation underlying assumptions as well as job.
with the info that is readily available to to get going,.
to truly understand an order of magnitude and also overcome that to determine.
which classifications are worldly and appropriate for CalSTRS.
to divulge and also disclose upon and. From there, we can after that work to fine-tune.
the inventory, the underlying data.And that '

s truly what this survey.
would be one of those initial actions as well as start.
to fine-tune the information high quality that we have. So it definitely is a trip and where we have a good beginning right here, yet there'' s still a means to go as well as probably as there'' s greater assumptions for companies.
extra extensively, the high quality and also the information.
that will obtain in turn will allow us to likewise establish a more powerful supply.
from the firm perspective.Mm hmm.

Yeah. No, that'' s excellent. I imply, clearly,
. several of the other extent, three classifications are a lot easier to,.
you understand, identify about data. Yet this entire type of value.
chain upstream, downstream is just it'' s we ' ve just reached correct it somehow. Yeah. Yep. Okay. Appreciate that. Thank you. Thank you extremely. Mr. Johnson. Thank you, Chair. Simply a fast procedure question. Maybe I didn'' t hear it previously. When would the existing survey.
when would certainly the study go out? Well, we'' re dealing with it. for there is a timeline line developed, yet I really wear'' t understand
what off. the top of my head, Rhonda, do you know we are mosting likely to be rather fine looking at the leading distributors as well as every little thing that we'' re going
to. we'don ' t know when the survey for all the suppliers will certainly go,. yet we are going to be sending out a first survey to our leading suppliers.So those people that we ' re spending one of the most cash with, we ' re going to start with. Thank you. James Johnson. Any type of various other inquiries,. remarks from the board seeing as well as thanks for the report. It ' s great to see the presentation as well as. the outside professional
working with us. Many thanks significantly, Scott. Many thanks, Lisa,.
Samantha, are you with us? Yes, I'' m right here.
I think we have 17. 17. We have 17 members of the public that would certainly like to.
to resolve us on this issue. So I intend to set expectations we have in policy as well as policies designated 10 mins for products.
that get on our schedule to be spoken to.What I ' d

like to do,.
what we will certainly do is we will certainly assign one min per speaker and if anybody has join during the with an optimum of 30 audio speakers. Presently we have 17 members.
of the public who wants to speak to us on this thing. We will certainly designate 17 mins.
one min for every speaker. It will be checked by Samantha.
as well as if other callers hire, we'' ll max out at 30. With that, Joycelyn,.
lets transform it over to you in your chair. Greetings. Joycelyn Martinez-Wade,.
supervisor of Governmental Relations. And also I have to claim this is fortuitous.
timing since of the 2022 legislative session.
just finished late last night.And so I have updates for you on bills. that we ' ve been tracking for your setting. And I ' m going to keeping that and also after that I'have an action product for you. that we ' ll occupy 2nd. Therefore first, I intend to point out that our. Let me excuse me, let me start with SB. 1402 on army service credit score purchases.That expense has
actually already. been authorized by the governor.

We ' ll be functioning on executing. that a person. Our Home Cleaning Bill, ABDOMINAL MUSCLE 1824 and also SB
868, which gives additional. advantages with the additional benefit upkeep
account,. have both made their means to the guv and also there is a bill that
stood out up. at the end of session as they are wont to do in some cases. SB 1089 was gutted and also
modified, as we claim, as well as so the previous materials. were taken out as well as what was placed in was an expansion to the sunset day.
for the Turkish divestment law. It ' s extended by 10 years.
Therefore that costs also made it. to'the guv. And after that, regrettably, SB 1343,
which is the costs that mandates CalSTRS. involvement for charter colleges, was not able to make it off. of the assembly floor the other day. That ' s the round up of the expenses that'we ' ve taken settings on. generally this year.
As well as if there aren ' t any kind of inquiries. on that particular, I can'move right into the action item.So this is HB 1667,. which you ' ve gotten some brief updates on.
You have an'analysis before you. It ' s rather prolonged. It'is. There'' s a great deal to this expense.
What I am advising. as well as what you can see there on the very first web page
of the analysis. is that the board take a support position on the costs. As you had heard previously, this costs deals.
with overpayment, liability, the assistance that we offer to companies.
and the and the appeals processes that we carry out. I want to make a couple of notes. In enhancement to the evaluation, I did desire to keep in mind.
that the Department of Money did take an A placement.
on the previous variation of the costs. It'' s not noted in the analysis. It'' s an oversight. I desired to simply refer, as well as after that I wished to review the program.
cost evaluation that is in on page eight of accessory one,.
which is the evaluation you have prior to you and also desired to make mention.
of the estimate of potentially 50% of mistakes being system.
mistakes and 50% being employer errors.And this has

to do with.
establishing obligation for overpayments if this expense goes right into effect,.
if the guv indications it. I wish to ensure you understand that.
we checked out a finite five year duration. We looked at unmodified.
solution, retirement advantages. This is different than the ARM Board.
record that is supplied in November that covers a myriad of underpayments.
and also overpayments. This truly tightens in on year over year.
modifications which are meant to reflect what this costs wants,.
which is unforeseen modifications in benefits, not normal course of company,.
as you might expect.And so during that period,. we did see we took a look at participants that had been retired.
for greater than three years using as a proxy if they had an overpayment with some.
cross out, which after that essentially implies that under a statute of restrictions.
that was considered a system error, the this period of five years did cover some considerable information cleanup initiatives.
pertaining to our Pension Solution task, along with a delayed legal.
application, which I believe enhanced the numbers. If you remove those initiatives from the mix,.
the portion of system error.
decreases to 4% over those five years. So intended to offer you some of that context as well as after that bringing it back up to the costs.
There has actually been a lot of us who have. The August 25th version,.
As well as I just intend to thank everyone. who ' s been dealing with this. And also I kind of wanted to call it. a few individuals particularly due to the fact that there was a concentrated negotiation. group that serviced it. And also on the enroller side, it included.
Jennifer Baker from the California Retired Educators Association, Seth Shrub from the California Educators.
Organization, Derick Lennox from the California Region Superintendents.
Educational Services Association and also from CalSTRS and also included Jeff Zimmer.
from Employer Solutions. Brian Sytsma from Legal and also from my team.
and Governmental Relations, John Maradik-Symkowick, Meredith Bartles and also Sal Sanchez. And I'' m sure behind the enrollers,.
those 3 people but absolutely be discover behind the folks at CalSTRS are dozens of people.
that we would go to to obtain info and to get actual time quotes.
and also things that we required to ensure that we reached this place where we are.
in arrangement on the modifications as well as currently the bill.While there

is added complexity and also costs.
that you'' ll note are in the evaluation, it truly does bring us to a location.
where we will have added assistance for, employers equity for our members.
in the company audit appeals procedure, minimized.
overpayment burden for our participants, and a sensible resource.
of funds to cover the cost of overpayments that protects the strategy'' s funds.
and our tax obligation professional standing. With that,.
thanks significantly for the report and the acknowledgment of the people.
that have actually been entailed with this thing on part of the board. This is an issue that our stakeholders have remained in, involved with, with our team for several years, and also there'' s no issue more crucial
I would certainly suggest, to our members. right now than this
problem. This is something.

that is astonishingly complex.If existed was a simple solution
,. it would certainly have been fixed a long period of time earlier. The quantity of job, power,.
resources, campaigning for, time that people put into.
this is phenomenal. As well as to understand that we are in support of this placement,.
the recommendation by team is to sustain as well as that you'' ve been able. to all collaborated through an amendment process is an amazing feat.And if as a matter of fact it is authorized right into legislation there ' s there'' s going to be an execution.
and there'' s costs related to that. I believed there was a demand.
for an exclamation point.
in terms of just how intricate this issue is, just how important this problem.
is to the members that we offer, and also exactly how much time has actually gone.
right into obtaining us to where we are today. A great deal of individuals I have to.
give thanks to for that. It'' s,. you recognize, first as well as objective from the 10
and we still got it. we still still have a methods to go. So keeping that will certainly go to public comments. Samantha, if you might call. the very first member of the general public.
Okay. Our initial members of the public. are in fact going to be a group. They will certainly get one minute each with each other. They ' re going to get to me before we do.Samantha, Ms. Bradford has a remark or question.
Denise, thanks.'Yeah, I just wished to resemble what Gary. claimed. Oh, you don ' t you don ' t. You have to have it. You have to present a request. I did that. There you go. There it'is. Yeah, alright.
I did it. It ' s it ' s been one it ' s been a technology.
difficult day. What can you say? I simply intended to resemble what Harry.
and Joycelyn stated and also thank to all the team that worked on this. and kept the board informed on it, and so on.
This has been a great deal of work. I would equate it to the work. that went into the funding strategy because everybody has actually been working on this for well over a year
as well as I ' m so happy. that we ' ve lastly got it done as a participant of CalSTRS,.
it supplies me some relief knowing recognizing.
that I won'' t be in appeals someday.So thanks quite to every person. It ' s considerably valued and also I recognize. implementation is going to be a difficulty. Excuse me, challenging, but I understand that we'' ll all interact to make it work. Thanks, Denise. With that, Samantha, we'' ll transform it over.
Yeah, that'' s true. Karen Mr. Yamamoto, thank you. Thank you.
and also all the participants of the CalSTRS team as well as all the volunteer.
all the voluntary teams. And also I know that the teams.
that integrated did not necessarily collaborate.
formerly. I think that it actually includes a remark to all the things.
that everyone shared to see to it the advantages, the the resolution to the concern,.
the the problems that were there. Everybody wanted the same objective. Everyone wished to ensure.
that that every little thing was fair, equitable as well as, you recognize, within the standards.
that that have actually been established out.And I simply can

' t anxiety the value of,.
you recognize, among the Jennifer informed me.
Jennifer Baker told me that this is huge.
because not all these groups met together in one location.
at one time for the very same objective. As well as everybody.
had their own little projects going. Therefore I actually value all the effort,.
all the hrs and also hours as well as hrs and all the sacrifices that everyone.
has made to find to this point. Like like Harry claims,.
I put on'' t recognize much concerning football, however if if Harry states we'' re
at,. what, 410 versus first and also goal.First and goal. Yeah, I concur with that. So once more, thanks quite, staff. and also all the individuals that are involved. Thanks so a lot, Ms. Hendrix. I'' ll simply state thanks, Karen. It’s the same. As a previous member of the appeals.
committee, I concur with the important things as remarks and also it’s the same to my.
Amazing day. Thank you so a lot.
and also age for people to find with each other that have different sights.
in various seats, different groups that they'' re standing for and also to resolve difficult problems, not to leave, not to chat above each various other as well as in fact involved a resolution that people can concur to is no tiny task. It is actually no small accomplishment,.
especially in this day and also age.So With that said we most likely to the public. The 3rd time'' s an appeal now. Okay, so our first members of the public are mosting likely to remain in a group.
since they get one minute each. We'' re mosting likely to install a timer.
for 2 mins. They'' re mosting likely to talk with each other. Our very first speakers will certainly be Joe.
as well as Kevin. Thanks. Excellent mid-day,.
Erin. My name is Joe Bartle. I rest on the board of supervisors.
for the California Educators Organization, as well as I wish to resemble a whole lot of the views.
that were just shared right here a couple of mins earlier. Simply thank you on behalf of the California Teachers.
Association to Joycelyn as well as her group for all the plenty of hrs as well as days.
and also initiative that entered into placing all this with each other,.
this was a really crucial problem for our members and something.
that genuinely needed to be addressed. Therefore we'' re extremely grateful.
for every one of the job as well as initiative.
that the governmental connections group and all the subsequent.
ancillary departments that were associated with this.
I'' m Kevin Welch. I'' m chair of the CTA Retired Life Committee.
CAL RTA as well as the area superintendents. And we advise you to support this expense. This expense will need regular updates.
and also assistance on just how employers report to CalSTRS as well as CTA. Below has to do with the arrows from our members. Normally we obtain the phone call.
when their retired life benefits are changed and also retire after retirement,.
in some cases years later on. In many cases, the retiree has been forced.
to pay back the paid too much quantity. Our membership has come to us.
with these tales for years, tales of committing their lives to students.
and to discovering and also to learning areas,.
as well as retiring with a competition, a contract that they have actually participated in a good belief.
when they retired, making strategies for their futures.
only to find this contract abused, positioning an economic challenge on them.
that is no fault of their own.This costs

might not aid those who have actually currently experienced the discomfort.
of having to reposition their entire life and the lives of their households.
based on a person else'' s error. We don'' t have to allow this happen.
to any more instructors. I urge you to support abdominal muscle 1667.
and also in my area, with our organization in the area,.
we constantly say we'' re better with each other.
So I resemble that. the board ' s remarks previously. We are better together. Thanks. Thanks for your comment. Our second audio speakers.
Will also be a group and they will get 2 minutes. And here you'' re the remainder of my time.
Thank you, Don. I am the head of state of CTA. NEA, retired right here in California.
we are below today to encourage you to sustain abdominal muscle 1667. I was an English instructor for several years,.
therefore I'' m unwilling to cause as well much redundancy on you today.

I ' m sorry I missed out on the beginning of that. 1203 is on the governor ' s workdesk right now to be signed.And, of training course, that deals with the extent and one, range. I suggest, we ' re we ' re beginning with Scope.
We are going to be sending out an initial study to our top suppliers.So those people that we ' re investing the most money with, we ' re going to start with. Oh, you don ' t you put on ' t.I would certainly say this
it is a very vital expense and also it has taken
a lot of time to get us to where we are.It is infuriating to those people
that attempt to help retirees when they bring these problems of what
we commonly call CalSTRS claw back to us, particularly offered
the current state of the law, we discovered that they are
being punished for mistakes that were made that they understood nothing regarding
because they had no function to play in the production of that mistake
in the very first location, whether it be an institution area misreporting or whether it be
an error on the component of CalSTRS, the target is the retired person
that is mosting likely to have to pay and also they, rather frankly, can'' t comprehend the principles of that. I do, nonetheless, want you to remember of the reality that the costs has a specifically crucial extra component to it, which is that it increases the capability of the senior citizen to appeal.And you may not understand it, In present circumstances right now, not all of the retirees who are afflicted by this clawback circumstance really have a sensible possibility to appeal the language of this legislation, will certainly
broaden that capability It ' ll offer them with timing and also ability. to to study and also find out whether or not they have a situation in abolition.
And it will make it a lot easier for them to accept the result.
You extremely much.
Our next audio speaker will certainly be Dana. I think I ' m next? My name is Dana Dillon.
Tom Comrie Select to retire early due to a reward offered by his area.
He later on needed to offer nearly his entire reward back to CalSTRS due to a blunder made by his district.Georgia More had to repay CalSTRS$ 9,000 due to the fact that of a 8 year old error made by her district. Sue Camus had to pay even more than 19,000 for a mistake that was made by her area. These were errors the members understood absolutely nothing regarding. I can inform you from experience, these issues are not brand-new as well as. Have actually been the subject of discussions for several years. Like Harry claimed, I
' m delighted that we can lastly deal with these troubles. Except Tom, George or Sue, For our participants in the future. Please support 1860 as well as 67.
Thank you. Thank you for your comments.
Our next speaker will certainly be Mary Kay. That ' s really high. Hello, my name is Mary Kay Scheid and I are among thousands of thousands of teachers as well as educators paying right into CalSTRS with every paycheck.I ' m speaking for everybody today. When I ask you to support abdominal 1667, I face many difficulties throughout my training occupation. I not have concerns with my retired life advantages and also circulations following decades of public service. ABDOMINAL 1667 will shield retired teachers by lowering company mistakes and also reporting blunders that are breaking the pension plan promise AB 1667 seeks to this pledge benefits by developing a procedure that promotes accuracy and also openness. I ' m urging you to sustain abdominal muscle 1667. I thank you for your time. Thank you for your comment.
Retired Educators Organization. Thank you. Thank you for your comment.
I recognize our following audio speaker will be Susie. Hi, my name is Susie Dixon.I ' m the Head of state choose as well as the state chair of Federal government Relations for California retired educators. I needed to cut entire lot out,

I'' m just going to talk from the heart for one minute. Cal RTA has been working with CalSTRS and our other companies on this for several, it is such a happy minute to say that these 3 companies have actually worked with each other to find up with a service that safeguards our participants. As you ' ve learnt through many, a lot of of our members in the past have actually been economically harmed by the fact that something that they had no control over. As an educator, I
controlled my classroom. I controlled the execution of educational program, of records, of qualities.
Thank you for your comment. Thank you for your remarks. I ' m Rub Geier and also I as well sustain Abdominal 1667.
AB 1667 thank you.
Thanks for your remarks. My name is Carolyn Clark. I ' m a Cal, our team member from Division 5 here in Sacramento. Nevertheless, prior to I retired', I benefited the Sweetwater Senior High School Area,

which surrounds Mexico, and also I benefited San Diego Unified. I help thirty years in that setting. ABDOMINAL 6777 will fix the wrongs that has actually adversely influenced monetary in fact myself and also other members for our monthly CalSTRS pensions.In reality, for the following 25 years after relocating to Sacramento, I got on the group that scored the examinations that teachers need to take to obtain their credentials. I got an additional job quickly, also though I was a retired instructor, which many educators do? Most of the people on our team were retired educators

and had a number of credentials, which
certainly were required prior to we were worked with to do those tests.

Cal Artillery participants have done whatever that they were supposed to do in order to
prepare for their retirement.Thank you for your depend on that info from our calstrs. Our following speaker will certainly be chuck.
All instructors that are retired in california.
I prompt you to sustain ab 6067. Thank you. Thank you.
It ' s fair. It ' s concerning being fair. That ' s took place on this concern.
Thank'you once more for taking this issue ahead and supporting the activities of individuals who intend to help all retired educators. Thank you.
Thank you for your comment.

Our next speaker will certainly be Mark. You can ' t get an educator to be silent.
I ' m sorry regarding that.
My name is Mark Allen. I ' m on supervisor for Cal RTA.
As a retired educator,. we value your support in passing.

Ensure I solve.
1667 thank you. Consider 25 secs more.
Thank you for your remarks. Our following speaker will certainly be Clint. Good morning'.
My name is Clint Ritchie. as well as I ' ve been teaching for I had actually educated for over 37 years. and I ' m below to support the flow of 1667. By the method, I ' m. from Lincoln, The golden state, component of Cal RTA, as well as we desire you to sustain this because individuals have actually
paid right into this system. sometimes more than they require to.
As well as we desire you to. that doesn ' t occur again. People put on ' t have to pay back something they didn ' t know. that they had mistakenly did not pay. Please assistance Abdominal muscle 67. I yield my time to the next speaker. Okay.
Our following my name is Bob Gonzalez. I ' m from Davis, California,. YOLO Region Department 83.
I ' ve instructed for 36 years as well as years passed. As well as while I remained in retired life,. I began figuring out directly of Davis that were being required.
to offer cash back.I do desire to give thanks to'you for where. we ' re at the point we ' re at currently in support of the 900,000 retired. and energetic teachers. I think you ' re doing a magnificent job.

with our money. And this is this is revealing'us. just exactly how much you appreciate us. Thank you. Thanks for your comments
. Our last audio speaker will certainly be Derek. Hello', I ' m Derek Lennox.
In support of the 58 region superintendents.
of schools from across the state, I ' m likewise right here on behalf. of a number of instructional employer organizations and individual institution. districts and county workplaces.
I desire to begin by acknowledging.
and specifically I wish to name the individuals

. since we ' re so pleased. Joycelyn Martinez, Wade, John Meredith,.
Salvador Sanchez, Meredith Bartels. As county superintendents,.
we'have a front row seat to what triggers the errors. to begin with.
As your main business partners,. I ' m simply pleased that this expense is mosting likely to take many steps. to mitigate the errors before they take place.
Right. We ' re going to assist the retired people,
but also additionally sure that errors mistakes reducedMinimized into the future.
And also for that factor, I wish you ' ll. And give thanks to for all the support of remarks.
Thank you. Thank you, Samantha, and thank you,.
participants of the general public for being below today. Sharon, I simply desired a closing comment. Considering that this individual.
Dana, you made me cry
today, so. I ' m simply believing it ' s constantly so excellent.
to hear our instructors.
And I just I actually constantly look at her. in the back corner, so it ' s simply hard not seeing her any longer.
And also I think that was. some of the motivation of having the videos.
A great deal of us have great deals of various other tasks. as well as we ' re great deals of other hotshots.But there ' s absolutely nothing more essential. than in my world of the function teachers have actually played in each.

one of our'lives, in addition to ensuring
you all retire with some dignity. as well as financial security.
So I ' m actually happy of this costs. And I just desired to kind of.
I believe Loretta would be the first individual at the mic today. I simply wanted to kind of acknowledge. Loretta as a voice in this space in behalf of all the teachers that talked. today. We ' re simply really honored. to offer you on this board as well as lovely to have Dana in the room. as'well, just feels poetic.
So thank you to every person who aided work. As well as thanks, Mr. Chair.
The only change I would certainly make is. Dana will constantly be referred to as madam. Madam Chair. And also yes, I wear ' t understand if this is the correct time. to do this, yet I want to be the one that to make the movement. for us to sustain HB 1663 as a teacher.67 Sorry, sorry. 763 Yeah, however so abdominal 1667. without any type of more
remarks, I, as a, as an educator, as a teacher myself,.

Thank you. Thank you.
Mr. Flavor. May second as well as it'' s been seconded by Ms. Yamamoto. It ' s there ' s a. there ' s a personnel referral for authorization of
referral. by assistance, setting by staff as well as a motion by Mr. Flavor, seconded by Ms. Yamamoto to sustain before we go on. to a vote or any more conversation
. I see Mr. Gunning. Mr. Gunning. Yes, thanks, Mr. Chairman. Just process. QUESTION. We recognize session ended last
evening at 1:00. Will we be submitting a letter to the guv in assistance,. presuming the board approves the recommendation? Okay, you. Thanks for that. Mr. Gunning. And also seeing no one else in the line up for this one when we take a roll call.Sure.

Ms. Yee. Laughing Hi, Mr. Johnson. All right. Mr. Prezant? Yes, Ms. Yamamoto You talk all. Mr. Tang. Yeah. Sorry, Miss Hendricks. Enthusiastically. Yes, Miss Bradford? Yes, Miss Urden. Enthusiastically. Yes, Mr. Gunning. Hi, Mr. Ruffino. Yes, Miss Whittaker. Finance, abstain and Jeffries. Keiley, would you care to elect.
by the motion passes? Thank you. Make appreciate the presentation, Joycelyn.Then once again, thanks to everyone. And we ' ll we ' ll see exactly how what ' s occurring over here fine. Keeping that we are moving along to the authorization agenda and also A through D that ' s nine A with 9di. think I ' ve been given a heads up. There will certainly be a couple of polls 4,. 9, eight through 9 D any kind of surveys. Mr. GARNETT Yes, thank you, Mr. Chairman. I think that agreement on D.
I'' d like more conversation or information concerning that. Okay. That'' s the contract on DNI.Which product is

that? 9. Is that 99? Yeah. Nine D So we'' ve drew nine
D. Any other surveys? Ms. Yamamoto In complete, yeah. Allow us know which ones you desire to pull. Oh 9 He all right. Yeah. That'' s currently pulled. The modifications one, 2 and also 3. Yeah. So is that you'' re going
to. hold,'we ' re mosting likely to draw the whole thing. Okay. Yeah, that'' s. That ' s all them. Okay. Jennifer, assist me out. What can we approve today? You have a 9 A.C. Quick note. You do have an activity from the benefits. as well as solutions committee to adopt the modifications.
to the board charter. Okay. As well as that'' s part of it. That ' s part of that nine. Yes. Okay. Nine A with nine C on authorization. Without argument. Okay. Those have actually passed, Jennifer. Okay. Thank you. So nine D has actually been pulled.
by a number of board. I'' ll accept Mr. Gunning initially.
Yamamoto. Mr. Gunning once more as well as after that there there we go. Just a'couple of questions.I ' m undoubtedly still learning.
as my onboarding is just finished. Well, I presume one thought is I recognize.
Grant Thornton'' s a good organization and also we ' ve utilized them below. I ' m interested, there was any type of outreach.
to any minority companies or any various other firms to companion with.
them or if there'' s any kind of other firms that we ' ve considered that can help in this subject. Good, excellent. Excellent morning. Molson Russia Principal Administrative Police Officer.
As well as for this RFP, we did have a sort of large reach and we did get other firms.
that were interested. We actually had each of the companies.
join a study whereby they did reply to our questions.
as it connects to what DNI techniques they have in location in in their firm.And it ' s a

affordable process. We did interview, I assume it was 3.
overall and Give Thornton as well as the professionals that the crucial employees that would certainly be partnering with CalSTRS triumphed. Therefore we were actually satisfied with the consultants.
that we'' ll be working with. As well as so that was it'' s a process. It'' s a process, it ' s a second interview. As well as so I assume we did an actually excellent task.
due persistance and making certain that we'' re partnering with a company.
that can sustain us with.
this really thorough assessment.Were there any kind of females had. or minority firms that were that bid? Yes. Yes. Thank you, Mr. Chair. Thank you, Mr. Cunningham. Ms. Yamamoto. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. My inquiries have to do.
with the modifications one, two and 3, as well as regarding the the modern technology and the investment innovation info. And also I recognize that is so challenging.
and there'' s numerous various manner ins which that we can do that. One of the points that I noticed was I intended to ask the distinctions in the 3 amendments.
just how are they comparable in the language of all 3? Identical. Exactly how do I know.
what'' s what and also who ' s doing what?
You understand, I just have those inquiries. Can you assist me understand those? We have audit.
solutions, has a swimming pool of professionals for specialized audits ones.
that call for that expertize such as technology services,.
What you ' re when you'see financial investment.
or infotech, that'' s the broader topic. There'' s particular titles. for every of those that underlie those, such as realty,.
private equity type audits. Right. Yet we just usually categorize it. It'' s investments. So these 3 firms were reaching the limit of over a million. That'' s why we ' re returning to you. We track it. I do have every solitary
audit. under Weaver, every every audit.
or a task under Weaver.Grant, Thornton and also Clay. What we found was we our pool is used by others.
within the organization. So for that First Change,.
we were at 950,000 and we wish to bring it up.
25% of that expenditure was made by audits and others. 75% was made from others.
in the organization that used our swimming pool for that expertize. Okay, very same thing with Give Thornton. We went to a reduced amount.
as well as we'' ve used them for different kind of audits of around 400,.
I assume. We have considering that.
raised to 900 or 797,000. Once more, we did an amendment. We utilize them for some financial investment.
type audits and also we reach in close to the limit. I can offer you all the information of all these, but.
and after that Clay, once more, it'' s lower.But we were utilizing them for specialty.
audits, such as information safety and security give Thornton 61% was towards audits, the rest were made use of.
by others within the organization. Among them was X Enterprise Compliant.
Providers and after that was Clifton Larsen. Allen Those were generally utilized by audits.
Well, of course and no, yet the language is the exact same. I presume that'' s what I put on ' t understand,. I can ' t inform you who.
and also when will you will utilize those vendors. since it ' s an affordable process.
We. however we understand there nearing the limit and also we and due to the fact that of the process.
of mosting likely to that million coming back to the board,.
we wish to guarantee that we have that authorization.
to use them for a higher amount. So when they do when we do welcome them and also if we do.
select them, we wear'' t have to return. We wear'' t need to wait to do that job. We can now choose them and also then.
engage them right in a waiting room. Then you can pull them.
when you require them for the certain audit.Yes.

Okay. Okay. That an excellent way to say it in the future, Karen,.
we can be much more particular in the write up. I hear where you'' re coming from.
And it does look as if they'' re all doing the same thing. But because they are in pool,.
they'' re they ' re functioning on different, different activities and projects.
within the within the organization. However I think that'' s what.

I didn ' t understand.Yeah. Thank you. I assume we could do much better relocating forward. Make that even more clear. Thank you for the information. Thanks, Karen. Many thanks, Melissa. Thanks, Cheryl,.
and also thanks for the addition. Appreciate it. Nine D is prior to us. Do roller understand it? Without objection. Let'' s see all those in support claim I opposed discolorations expansion seeing none. The item 90 passes. Jennifer, do we have any items referred.
by the committee for decision. Thank you. If we have any type of new organization evaluation or information requests,.
I sort of tracked one on thing 4.

It ' s there ' s a. there ' s a team recommendation for authorization of
referralRecommendation And we ' ll we ' ll see how what ' s taking place over right here all right. It'' s a procedure, it ' s a second interview. That'' s why we ' re coming back to you. I presume that'' s what I wear ' t recognize,.There was a demand to include
proposed time frames in the future pension remedy reports,
and also I recognize that'' s an official request or that'' s just mosting likely to be part of the following report. Yeah, following record. And it'' s not a thank you. Cassandra, do you wish to highlight anything from the agenda from our next conference or upcoming our future meeting? This is the November conference. We, naturally, will certainly have an October offsite in between today'' s meeting and also the November meeting.The just thing that I

intended to highlight that we were adding is a closed session thing that ' s mosting likely to be on the record on an analysis of board safety procedures. That was it'' s time for us to freshen the board'' s education and learning in that sector. We will certainly be reviewing that. That'' s it? Item 13 is possibilities for participants of the public that would love to resolve the board on things that are not on today'' s program no.
I ' m typically like 2 hrs go for a stroll. We will have 5 mins. I will certainly just only be the board and at 1250.
Kate will certainly join us at 1250. 1245 Enjoy your lunch, every person.

Yeah, following record. I ' m typically like 2 hrs go for a stroll. I will certainly just only be the board and also at 1250.
Kate will join us at 1250. 1245 Enjoy your lunch, everyone.

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