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Boxing Retirement Advice from Retired Olympic Boxer

you'' re a boxer retiring from boxing or coming. to the end of your profession it can be a really hard point to take care of i recognize this first hand.
i retired from boxing in 2012 when my hands were truly damaged i was unbeaten expert at.
the time and also after winning an olympic bronze medal i was high hopes of me doing quite possibly in the.
professional game however that obtained shortened and also i entered into a dark area so i know how tough it can.
be to relinquish boxing and also on this video i'' m going to provide you some strong advice that i dream.
someone gave me as well as assumed about the success that i'' ve had since retiring from boxing and just how best.
currently my life is much better than it was than when i was boxing as well as i would certainly never ever have actually believed i would certainly have.
stated that since when boxing obtained removed from me having actually done it since the age of one decade old.
all the method through at 27 with 106 battles in my profession it was an extremely hard thing to do now like.
i said life is far better than ever before and hopefully i give you some ideas after seeing this video clip on.
how to assist you with your life come to be even far better than it was when you were winning them fights.
for all them years my name is tony jeffries olympic medalist fighter previous undefeated professional like.
i pointed out i won seven nationwide titles a european gold medal now i co-own 2 boxing fitness gyms.
in los angeles california called box and shed as well as a boxing health and fitness education program where.
i educate health and fitness experts from around the globe how to construct a career in training boxing for.
physical fitness my very first item of suggestions is try and also remain in the public eye as long as you can as well as what i'' m. ready to inform you in the future this video will certainly make sense why you need to do this if you'' re getting any type of. press any promotion along your boxing trip shot and get more of that connect with journalists do.
tales with them create blog sites anything you can do to enter the general public eye will actually actually help.
you with the recommendations that i'' m mosting likely to give you on this video clip to make sure that is the first bit ideal there is.
stay in the general public eye still pertinent also and also you put on'' t need the press to do this you can do it. on social networks exactly how is your social media visibility are you uploading on instagram on facebook on possibly.
youtube on different systems on twitter twitter is significant for boxers yeah obtain among conversations.
in there on twitter on the various systems post even more material on there regarding yourself concerning.
your journey which'' s going to aid build your brand name which will help with what i'' m concerning to inform.
in boxing psychological health is a large thing in boxing so what are you doing with the day to.
occupy your mind if you'' re working in a task like you wear'' t like on a building website.
in a telephone call center something that you'' re not delighting in as well as you'' re doing it just to obtain.
money because you need money right now you know that'' s not a good idea it ' s mosting likely to wind up being.
poor for you currently i understand we need cash so you need to obtain cash from someplace so if that'' s. what you ' ve reached do for the time being while you'' re dealing with your lasting objective then do.
that but please put on'' t wind up in a dead-end job due to the fact that it ' s going to really hurt your mind in. the long-term so what can you be doing what will make you really feel great due to the fact that i bear in mind after boxing.
resembled well i don'' t know what i desire to do now i believed i ' ve boxed for all my life what i want.
to do exactly how am i going to live and also what what do i appreciate doing and also it resembled a dreadful place where.
i went to emotionally so what you can do you have got a benefit over 99.9 of fitness professionals.
around since you know boxing and also thankfully for you is boxing is the greatest trend in health and fitness.
around the entire globe right now as well as now you recognize boxing you know boxing far better than like i stated.
99 of individuals so why not show boxing for physical fitness as well as obtain an occupation in doing that that'' s what. i ' ve done in my life like i'claimed it ' s the best it has ever before been right currently because i'' ve done that.
currently having success in training boxing for fitness is not easy it'' s not as uncomplicated as. you may believe simply due to the fact that you recognize how to box even if you know just how to battle as well as you'' ve had. great deals of battles in your job doesn'' t suggest you ' re mosting likely to have success at teaching someone boxing. for physical fitness in reality the opposite i'' ve seen great deals of former fighters come into the physical fitness sector and also. attempt to instruct boxing and and they dropped badly as well as they don'' t recognize why as well as i know why as well as it is. due to the fact that of the means they ' re attempting to instruct a great deal of boxers attempt to teach people boxing for physical fitness.
the method their coach showed them now if i educate a middle-aged woman exactly how to box similarly as tommy.
brooks or terry edwards or bobby rimmer showed me guess what they'' re not going to come back for the.
second session i'' m not mosting likely to have any kind of success in that so mentor boxing for health and fitness is one.
point now or various other big thing to this is building your brand name and obtaining your name out there like.
i stated earlier on if you start developing your brand when you'' re coming to the end of your profession.
also if you complete your occupation getting any type of press protection that you can obtain that'' s great you want to. keep obtaining that you wish to attempt and also remain in the public consciousness because that will certainly follow you with.
to your fitness profession if you enter fitness so if you'' re assuming no nah i ' m not uploading on. social media sites that ' s packed oh i'' m not attempting to develop my brand i'' m keeping up the general public i am.
not going to get in touch with journalism you know if you'' re thinking like that that'' s why you ' ve. reached alter your state of mind change your frame of mind entirely because that kind of mindset is.
what'' s mosting likely to keep you in a dead-end task you need to open your mind you require to spend.
in yourself spend in your mind this is the greatest thing that you'' re going to buy.
is your mind in your understanding do fitness programs think of different methods you can invest.
you can check out books you can most likely to seminars you can enjoy on-line webinars you can get in touch with individuals.
that'' s had success in the industry that you wish to remain in you can link with me it'' s my interest to.
assist all my boxers have an occupation outside of boxing like i said i'' ve seen numerous fighters decrease that.
rabbit hole and wind up with clinical depression and also after boxing all your life i recognize exactly how hard that is so.
invest in yourself get to out to me connect to glenn holmes who'' s a boxing physical fitness professional his. instagram account is right here examine him out send him a dm he will certainly provide you all the info concerning the.
training course that we co-own together where be assisting health and fitness experts instruct boxing for a living.
in previous fighters educate boxing for a living we can help you too if you'' ve got any kind of.
inquiries regarding this please leave in the comments listed below i truly desire to help you as a lot.
as i can please don'' t go into a dead-end job enjoy your life you strive all your life in.
boxing i know just how tough boxing is i truly do make the rest of your life the best of your life.
little tacky quote the remainder of you like the most effective of your life i did it and also i'' m certain you can do it.
also it'' s all regarding your state of mind as well as opening your mind spreading your perspectives and i'' m informing you.
you will certainly have a fantastic life thank you for watching.

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