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Do you want to consider Sun City West Real Estate retirement? Search no more!

If yes, we are here to assist you to get hassle-free and wonderful home buying experience because we have mobilized abundant materials on Arizona retirement communities.

Sun City West  Real Estate Agent, should I use one?

Sun City West Real Estate

Sun City West Swans

Don’t think otherwise.

Hire Sun City West Realtor because we are experienced agents in Arizona retirement communities.

The Wall Street Journal states:  Pocket listings, also known as”whisper and “coming soon” have been popular for years Many celebrities and wealthy seeking to shield their privacy.  They increasingly are used by a broader segment as the housing market heats up and inventory remains tight.

Sun City West Realtors are members of the local MLS which gives everyone the best opportunity to catch a glimpse of listings and new homes that come on the market at the outset.

They often get to be acquainted with properties in Sun City West AZ real estate for sale which are coming to the MLS before they arrive at the market and we can notify you.

Sun City West Real Estate is our field of expertise! We know the atmosphere and the scope of the market well in Sun City West.   View Sun City West Floor Plans.

Where is the best place to find Sun City West Real Estate?

Sun City West Real Estate

Sun City West Real Estate

Go to our site and register for My Listing Manager account. This link displays the REAL homes for sale  on the market in Arizona retirement communities today.


Websites sometimes have homes that are not available again or has been purchased by someone.


You can browse the real and available listings and get present information.   Use Sun City West real estate for your sale search that is connected to MLS.   Our website receives updates minute to minute, not month to month.


Then, you can save your search criteria and recover your front-runners, so you don’t have to enter it every time. You will be alerted directly when a new listing enters the market that corresponds to your inquiry.

Do your research on the precise Arizona retirement communities you want to live in. Scan and observe everything you can so you can get a perfect decision on, if this is the best place for you.

When should I request  Loan Pre-Approval on my Sun City West Real Estate?

Real Estate lending practices will be changing October 3, 2015.

Get Pre-Approved. Verify you have completed your Loan documentation earlier. This way when you compose an offer on Sun City West AZ real estate for sale, the bank or the seller knows you are ready to buy.

In addition, it lets you know how much home you can manage, so you don’t waste time afterward on homes that are out of your budget.

We are accessible when you are ready or qualified to buy. Please feel free to search our website at http//,  for more useful information and guidelines.


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Sun City West home for sale by owner


Sun City West home for sale by owner, do you think this is a good idea?

Sun City West home sales golf course



Each one you have strived in your life. Your children are out of college in addition to building their families. It’s your moment to explore your Arizona Retirement Lifestyle in a Sun City West home for sale by owner, possibly.

Determining a unique Arizona Retirement community is crucial to your improved pleasure of living in a Sun City West home for sale. Not only do you need to review floor plans, but including everything the active retirement community has to offer. For instance, do you like to garden? A few communities will exclusively allow gardening in containers, and you can only have so many in your garden. Different communities have garden areas in the community plot so that all of you can enjoy the event.
Are you sure you can make your way through the maze of home buying without proper representation? Sun City West homes for sale by owner can be a daunting exercise.

There are many questions that you need answered before purchasing a Sun City West home for sale by owner:

Are you getting a report of all the insurance claims made on the Sun City West home for sale by owner?

Did the homeowners give you a list of all the fees that you will incur in purchasing your Sun City West home for sale by owner?

Have you been given a list of licensed inspector to inspect your Sun City West home for sale by owner?

Has the Sun City West home for sale by owner supplied you with a disclosure statement? Do you know what a disclosure statement is?

Sun City West home for sale by owner, Do I or don’t I?

sun city west home sales golf course

Sun City West home sales golf course

There are some wonderful Sun City West homes for sale by owner. I do not want to imply anything else. Many Sun City West homes for sale by owner are trying to save monies when possible. There are several reasons for this.

I would, however, suggest that you find an Agent, who is specialized in the area and get representation. When a seller is given the questions above, they might feel more secure with an Agent helping with the transaction.

Those above are important elements in your decision. I profoundly suggest that whenever you are intrigued in an Arizona Retirement community with an HOA research before you proceed. Your Realtor should be qualified to suggest websites and provide you telephone numbers for those answers. As your Realtor present you with a copy of the Buyers Guide. This will supply you the web addresses for all the data you Realtor may not be able to give you.

Recognize, if the home is in the wrong Arizona Retirement Community, it will never be your new home.

Enjoy the course on your brand-new endeavor in time, it will be the greatest!  The Seller for your Sun City West home for sale by owner might feel the same way.

Sun City West home sales golf course

Sun City West home sale golf course opportunities are stunning!

Sun City West home sales golf course are amazing!  We enjoy expansive lots, water and mountain views.

Many people enjoy the golf course lifestyle. They relish having the open green expansive view that you don’t have to maintain, and the beautiful atmosphere that they provide.

Sun City West home sales golf course


Living the golf course lifestyle:
Resale value

Only two neighbors

Never having to mow or pay the water bill

Possible negatives:

You have heard the first words in Real Estate, Location!

• Do not pick a lot under 200 yards to the right of the fairway.
• Disturbance noise in the mornings. Groundskeepers can start early.
• Cart Path – Some people speak loudly after a good or bad shot.



The premium lots are usually around the Tee box or behind the green.

The elevation of the lot is also paramount. Some prefer to be atop the course.

You also need to choose which type of course you prefer. Regulation or Executive.

REGULATION GOLF COURSE: A Regulation Golf Course is defined as any nine-hole or 18-hole golf course that includes a variety of par three, par four and par five holes, and is of traditional length and par; a nine-hole facility must be at least 2,600 yards in length and at least par 33, and an 18-hole facility at least 5,200 yards in length and at least par 66. This is per “NGCOA”.

EXECUTIVE COURSES: Executive Courses are short courses with a variety of par three, par four and/or par five holes. Eighteen-hole executive courses are 5,200 yards in length or less, with a par of 65 or less. This is per “NGCOA”.

Sun City West Golf Course options

Sun City West Regulation golf courses:

18836 N. 128th Avenue

Tee Par Rating Slope Yardage Pace
Blue 72 70.0 120 6410
White 72 68.6 116 6116 3:51
Gold 72 67.4 111 5883
Red 72 71.6 118 5709

Sun City West’s first course, Pebblebrook, confront golfers of all levels. Expansive fairways are lined by mature trees to capture attention. Lakes and creeks add to the esthetics. Pebblebrook maintains four tee locations.

14260 Meeker Blvd.

Tee Par Rating Slope Yardage Pace
Blue 72 72.3 129 6775
White 72 70.3 124 6365 4:00
Gold 72 67.3 119 5805
Red 72 70.9 118 5598

Grandview is the longest course in Sun City West. It details include seven water holes and as many as eight sand traps on one hole. This course was strategically built to provoke the best golfers.

Trail Ridge
21021 N. 151st Avenue

Tee Par Rating Slope Yardage Pace
Blue 72 71.4 128 6566
White 72 69.9 123 6200 4:01
Gold 72 66.3 114 5512
Red 72 70.6 117 5497

A regulation course designed by Billy Casper that provides an exclusive desert panorama. Trail Ridge golf course is demanding to players at all finesse levels. Four tee markers on every hole allow each golfer to challenge their abilities.

Deer Valley
13975 Deer Valley Road

Tee Par Rating Slope Yardage Pace
Blue 72 70.5 122 6547
White 72 68.3 118 6080 3:45
Gold 72 66.6 112 5667
Red 72 69.1 109 5319

Sun City West’s up-to-the-minute regulation course is by Greg Nash and Billy Casper. This was structured with the mature golfer in mind. It is the shortest of our regulation courses with an abundant landscape. Deer Valley offers four tees on each hole


Executive Courses

12702 Stardust Boulevard

Echo Mesa
20349 Echo Mesa Drive

Our first executive course, Stardust features six par 4’s and twelve par 3’s.  Stardust’s traditional layout with tree-lined fairways, subtle greens, and deep bunkers provides three different tees on each hole.  The back nine is considered the hardest with water coming into play on four holes. Echo Mesa is my favorite course.  It is a beautiful executive course with lakes and grass bunkers.  From the blue tees, it is considered very demanding.  Echo Mesa is the center of our Swan/Wildlife Program. The course provides three different tees on each hole.
Tee Par Rating Slope Yardage Pace
Blue 60 60.6 96 4267
White 60 59.5 94 3954 2:59
Red 60 59.0 86 3489
Tee Par Rating Slope Yrdage Pace
Blue 60 60.3 95 4157
White 60 58.2 93 3513 2:50
Red 60 56.1 86 3008
Desert Trails
22525 N. Executive Way
 A unique executive course designed by Billy Casper, Desert Trails offers seven par 4’s affording golfers the experience of using all clubs. The course provides three different tees on each hole.
Tee Par Rating Slope Yardage Pace
Blue 61 59.4 89 4027
White 61 58.4 87 3696 2:49
Red 61 56.1 78 3090

Sun City West home sales golf courses give every golfer the stimulation and challenge to keep them on point. Practice areas are provided at each course. Sun City West golf courses give you the option of staying on top of you short game.



Maintenance schedule for Sun City West golf courses

Maintaining the perfection of our courses is paramount. Here is a 2015 schedule to plan your rounds by:

Sun City West – Maintenance Schedule 2015


Spring Aerification

Summer Course Closures

Course Maintenance Days

Summer Aerification

Fall Overseeding
Pebblebrook April 23
April 28
June 11
June 16
July 23
July 28
October 15
November 3
Stardust May 7
May 12
June 25
June 30
August 6
August 11
October 1
October 20
Grandview May 28
June 2
August 3
October 13
September 24
October 13
Echo Mesa May 14
May 19
July 9
July 14
August 13
August 18
October 22
November 10
Trail Ridge April 16
April 21
June 4
June 9
July 16
July 21
October 1
October 20
Deer Valley June 1
September 1
October 22
November 10
Desert Trails April 30
May 5
June 18
June 23
July 30
August 4
September 24
October 13
We strongly encourage proper repair of divots.


 Sun City West golf courses offer three options for premier pricing.
Unlimited play card
Kachina card
Coyote card
Sun City West golf course savings cards Sun City West golf courses offer three options for golf savings.  The first is the Annual Card at a cost of $2,950.00 that is for unlimited golf.  The next discount available is the Kachina Card at $1,015.00.  This card gives you golf at approximately $15.00 per round.  The final option is the Coyote Card at $300.00.  The average for a round of golf would be $22.00 per round.

 Sun City West home sales golf course:


The current inventory of Sun City West home sales on the golf course is sparse. There are 43 Sun City West golf course homes at this time. They range in square footage size 1400 square feet to 3200 square feet. The price range is $156,000.00 – $440,000.00.  Three of these Sun City West home sales golf course have swimming pools.
There are three available with lake views and eight have mountain views.

Sun City West home sales golf course homes sold stats:

sun City west home sales golf course

Sun City West home sales golf course

From January 1, 2015 to the current date, 23 golf course homes have sold.  They range in size from sixteen hundred square feet to forty five hundred.  The low price per square foot is $90.00 with the average at $142.00 per square foot.  The largest home sold for $212.00 per square foot.

Sun City West golf course homes with water views

Sun City West home sale golf course

Sun City West home sales golf course

Just because you live in the desert does not mean you will not see any water.  Sun City West golf course homes offer many water views.  Currently there are over 40 opportunities on living on the course with water views.  We are fortunate to have an abundance of water with spectacular sun rises and sunsets.
Need lessons? Reid West Golf Academy
Over the last nine years, Reid West has built a reputation second to none. Currently teaching more private lessons than any academy in the state of Arizona, students come from all over the world to better their games.Their partnership with the Sun City West community provides us with seven golf courses all of which have full practice facilities and short game areas.
Recently they opened our new indoor facility outfitted by TaylorMade with state of the art club fitting equipment. Their tour van provides students with the highest level of club fitting and club repair right on site and they have many new and exciting programs beginning shortly.
Please take the time to enjoy their website and look through the many pages to discover all the amazing instructional options and products available as they strive to provide the highest level of service to you our valued customers. Their website address is www.
 We hope you have enjoyed the above information. At, we strive to give our clients the most up to date information and trends. I have resided in this area for over ten years and did not regret my move from California. Please feel free to contact us with any question or requests you might have.

sun city west home sales golf course

Sun City West home sales golf course

Sun City West home sales golf course, perfection!

Arizona Active Adult Living Communities Lifestyles

 Arizona Active Adult Living Communities Lifestyle, are you ready?



I enjoy being in my Del Webb, Arizona Active Adult Communites, Sun City West Arizona. My spouse and I pondered about this for a lengthy period prior to selecting which community was paramount for us. I would like to give a list of details to think about.

1. Activities offered in your Arizona active adult community in Arizona. I relish playing golf but also have desired to study photography. I would advocate going to the active adult community website to make sure all your interests will be piqued.

2. Is your Arizona active adult community fiscally sound. I would recommend you to examine the annual budget very thoroughly. If you have questions, you may want to have your CPA or financial planner look with you. You should also inspect for any lawsuits or claims against the community or developer.

3. Is there a planned strategy for maintaining and upgrading the recreation centers? When the Arizona active adult communities begin to age, how often will they renew equipment? When do they reseed the golf courses?

4. Have there been special assessments for road repairs? If you are in a gated community, the City does not maintain the roads because they are not public.

5. Does the builder specialize in active adult communities? Are there grab bars in the shower and bath? What is the toilet height? These items may not matter at this time but will help you later when you will possibly need them. Google, the developer, to find out about other communities they have created and how are they accepted.

6. If you are entering a brand-new active adult lifestyle community in Arizona, are there going to be sufficient recreational centers for the residents. You will have more time on your hands, but who wants to wait to play tennis, pickleball or workout equipment.

7. Read the Rules and regulations that pertain to your active adult community in Arizona. Read the C.C. & R’s for the community. You may not appreciate someone being able to park their cars on the street for a prolonged period or someone choosing the color of your home.

8. Do you know the political atmosphere of the HOA in your active adult community in Arizona? Get involved and be part of the solution, not a problem.

9. Do you know the neighbors in your active adult community in Arizona? I suggest you meet the neighbors if possible. They will have a wealth of information on the social scene in your area. Do they live in the community full time? What percentage of the neighborhood leaves for the summer.

10. Do your due diligence. Only you can decide what is best for you. Enjoy the journey to the next chapter in your life!

 Active Adult Communities Lifestyles:  Corte Bella Country Club


Corte Bella Homes for Sale

If you are contemplating Corte Bella Country Club, then you are in great company.  Active Adult Community Lifestyle in Corte Bella Country Club is stunning.

Sun City West’s Corte Bella Country Club Community is a cozy plus private upscale, guard-gated community. Designed for the Active Adult Lifestyle, Corte Bella is perfection. It lies on a 718 acre land space that possesses of an 11,500 square foot fitness center and spa, a private country club, a 9000 square foot social club and a private 18-hole championship golf course.

Corte Bella Country Club is delighting attention from many retirees because of its arid, sun-drenched weather. Though the newly built homes have now been sold, pre-owned homes that come in a variety of Santa Barbara style architecture are still possible. The dimensions of single family homes vary from 1,150 to 3,200 square feet.

Corte Bella Country Club, Active Adult Communities Lifestyle, is a must see for buyers.

 Arizona Communities:  Sun City West

Sun City Grand Home Sales

Sun City Grand Homes Sales

Sun City West Del Webb active adult community lifestyle originated in 1978 with a variety in mind. To avoid “cookie-cutter” look, Del Webb in Arizona made sure that no two identical houses were built side by side. There were choices of 3 different elevations offered.

Knowing that many mid-westerners wanted grass lawn, Del Webb Active Adult community builder in Arizona offered particular models in areas with park-like expanses of grass. Others are on tree lined streets.

Golf is one of the main attractions of this community. It boasts seven golf courses and a private Country Club, Briarwood. The builder, Del Webb, wanted you to have the option of playing a different course every day!

There are four different recreational centers:

R.H. Johnson



Palm Ridge

The R.H. Johnson Center has an Olympic-size open-air pool and spa. The exercise facility was extensively redone this year with new equipment.

Sun City West active adult communities in the Arizona. The bowling alley was renovated two years ago, $200,000.00, Complete with 26 new regulation pool tables.

The Arts and Crafts Complex provide seven workshops, plus a lecture hall, and a shop to sell homeowners’ handicrafts. Across the parking lot, there are 18 tennis courts, seven platform tennis courts, lawn bowling, and a quarter-mile exercise track.
Sun City West active adult community dog park
In Sun City West, there are two dog parks. One is for small pets under 20 lbs. And one for larger canines.

As you can perceive, the R.H. Johnson recreation center in Sun City West has a mixture of options available to the residents.

What is Active Adult living like in the Sun City Grand Community?

Arizona Lifestyles

Arizona Active Adult Communities

They have never been in this community before and are in awe of the pristine conditions. It is a brilliant day, and the waterfalls are cascading over the rocks. Some palm trees are swaying with a slight gentle wind. You can observe the golf carts traveling over the luxurious fresh cut courses.

The first item I constantly show new buyers is the amenities. We are traveling to the Adobe Center first. The open-air cafe is filled with people. We continue to the exercise facility. Nearly all of the equipment has people on them, watching their individual TV’s on each. They and I, next meander on to the indoor pool. There is a water aerobic class in session, and there are various swimmers in the lanes. The adjoining venue we look at is the outdoor swimming pools. There is a Swimming pool for adults and a secondary fo adults and children.

The campus for the clubs that are offered are also found here. You can find all clubs and classes listed on their website,

We discover cheering and clapping going on to the left. There is a Bocce Ball competition going on. To the right is the lake where a fly fishing clinic is being held. Before we leave this area, I show them my favorite, the dog park. Here is a fenced, gated expense you may exercise your furry children for a great run and Bark-a-thon.  They will have fun with their furry friends.

After our tour of the Adobe Center, and the Cimmaron Center, I asked if my clients if they were ready to go one. Their reply was, “Let’s locate our new home, here in the community of Sun City Grand.”


Active Community Lifestyles in Sun City Festival


Sun City Festival real estate offers an affordable retirement community with over a hundred and twenty Sun City Festival homes for sale ranging in price from the $150s’ to over $365k. Sun City Festival homes for sale typically average in the mid $200k range and you can find a variety of Sun City Festival homes for sale at those prices. In this retirement community, you can find the Arizona retirement homes of your dreams. Regardless whether you just want a simple Sun City Festival home, it is available. If a lavish real estate with a private pool, guest house, with waterfront or golf course property, it’s here!

Searching Sun City Festival homes for sale is easy when you use our Advanced Home search tool. You will get access to all Sun City Festival homes for sale that are listed in the local MLS systems. Then you can save your search criteria and sit back and let all of the Sun City Festival homes for sale come to you!

In conclusion, I hope we have answered your questions regarding Active Adult Communities in Arizona.  If we did not cover a question you have, please contact us directly.  We will be updating information on a daily basis for you.  Please use this site as much and as often as needed.

Communaut’es de retrait en Arizona


Sun City Grand Home Sales

Sun City Grand Homes Sales

Communautés de retrait en Arizona

Bonjour et bienvenue à votre conseiller absolue Sun Villes Immobilier d’identifier un mode de vie de la communauté adulte active dans l’Arizona du Nord-Ouest. Arizona, en effet confirmé comme un état de mode de vie communautaire adulte active avec son magnifique climat et accueillantes prix de l’immobilier. Il ya diverses communautés adultes actifs à sélectionner en Arizona du Nord-Ouest. Un développeur de champion est Del Webb. Ses communautés défavorisées comme Sun City, Sun City West, Sun City West, Sun City Festival de Corte et Bella vous invitent. Deux développeurs supplémentaires, de karité et D.R. Horton communautés de retraite en Arizona tels que Trilogy, Pebble Creek Arizona & Traditions.

Les adultes active communautés de style de vie prévues en vigueur ou 45 + communautés offrent des installations de loisirs distincts pour plaire tout style de vie. Il est certainement doute limité, vous ne manquerez quelque chose à faire tout en résidant ici dans l’une des communautés adultes actifs en Arizona du Nord-Ouest. Piscine, Golf, Tennis, Fitness, Pickle balle et beaucoup plus peut être consulté tout simplement au-delà de votre porte! Donc si les maisons de terrains de golf, les maisons de luxe, maisons riveraines, maisons avec piscine, les saisies, les ventes à découvert; vous trouverez myriade d’actifs perspectives adultes de la communauté de vous inviter. Alors, pourquoi hésitez-vous? Se exciter explorer pour vous rêvez communauté active d’adulte Arizona au nord-ouest de l’Arizona ou la deuxième maison maintenant!

Notre allégeance est toujours à nos clients; leur fournissant au plus haut niveau du service et le respect qui dépasse leurs attentes.

Simplement dit, reflète notre philosophie d’entreprise comment nous vivons notre vie – passionnés, qui travaillent dur, éthique, respectueux et sincère.

Membres de l’Association of Realtors Arizona, WEMAR, et l’Association nationale des agents immobiliers.

Dans les moments, nous allons vous aider à identifier ce qui est de la communauté de vie adulte active dans l’Arizona du Nord-Ouest qui vous définit. Il suffit d’appeler Jerry au 623 / 640-1266 ou Pamela au 623 / 670-3813. Nous vous invitons à profiter de notre site web:


Winter in Active Community Lifestyles

Arizona winter cactiPlease enjoy our Arizona climate and lifestyle.  The views are amazing.

Sun City West Arizona – Pam Smith

Sun City West Arizona – Pam Smith

Your Sun City West Arizona home for Sale


Sun City West Corte Bella

Corte Bella Sun City West

Sun City West Arizona home Selling to do list:

You have interviewed Sun City West Real Estate Agents.

Have received and understand their marketing plan and comps for your home.

The decision on which Sun City West Real Estate Agent is determined.

Listing contract is signed.

Pre-inspection is done if you decide on Listing Home Warranty.

You have decluttered your home and garage.

Professional photographer has taken pictures and virtual tour in made.

All printed material is perfected.

The property is added to the MLS and the sign in the front yard.

Your Sun City West Arizona home is entered to every major Real Estate Website.

Your house is viewed, and a Buyer has written on offer on your Sun City West home.

The Buyer is financing the purchase of your Sun City West home.

Both Buyer and Seller agree on Terms and Condition of the Contract.

Escrow is opened, and we are off to the races!

Swans in Sun City West

Swans in Sun City West

   Selling you Sun City West Arizona home :

While the above in very encouraging, the real work has just begun! You are now in the 10-day inspection period. In the State of Arizona, the Buyer has ten days to inspect all aspects of the property at their cost.

You also have responsibilities to follow. I require that all Buyers Agents give me an update weekly on the Buyer’s loan status. I do not suggest putting the property pending until after the inspection period, and the loan has been approved by Underwriting. We continue to market the property and take backup offers.

With all the new regulations for loan approval in place,  I want all options available for my Sellers. I have gone through far too many transactions where the Underwriters have required financial demands on Buyers they did not expect. In addition, they could not meet or were unwilling to do. Yes, they were pre-approved, but not by the Underwriter, and they have the final approval.

When going into a Sales Transaction for your Sun City West Arizona home, go with knowledge and insight. You will have a much better experience and will thank your Sun City West Arizona Real Estate Agent for selling your home!


Please contact us when Selling you Sun City West Arizona home!

Sun City Grand home for sale – Split Bedroom floor plan

 Split bedroom floor plan

When looking for a Sun City Grand home for sale do you want a Split floor plan? Do you know what models offer the Split floor plan?

I meet many clients on the web and at open houses. What is the most requested option in a home? Buyers want Split bedroom floor plans and open concept.

What is a Split bedroom floor plan;

The Master bedroom and the guest bedrooms are on opposite sides of the home. This option allows both parties to have privacy. Often clients also want to have an en suite; bathroom attached to the guest bedroom.

What is an Sun City Grand open floor plan

Simply explained; great room concept, no formal dining area and kitchen open to living area. Many clients do not want to be separated from their guest when preparing meals and entertaining. When having a get together how many times do you have everyone in the kitchen?

There are over 30 models to choose from when looking for a Del Webb Sun City Grand  home for sale. We no longer have model homes to choose Split bedroom floor plans. Below are the Split floor plans offered for sale in:


Cactus flower

Cactus floor plan

                                                                        Cactus Flower: 1409 Square ft.





Azalea floor plan

Azalea floor plan




Azalea: 1482 Square ft.






                                                                                                                                     Sonoma: 1416 Square ft.Sonoma



Palo Verde: 1836 Square ft.

Palo Verde

Palo Verde










                                                                             Borgata: 1852 Square ft.



Stonecrest: 2170 Square ft.

Windrose: 2259 Square ft.

Hacienda: 2314 Square ft.


Ironwood: 2731 Square ft.

Mesquite: 2779 Square ft.

Hampton: 2808 Square ft.

Windsor: 3388 Square ft

I sincerely hope the above is helpful to you when looking for your MLS  home for sale. I can’t imagine anything worse than going to someone’s house after you have purchased yours, and wanting their Split bedroom floor plan.



If you have further question regarding House Plans with Split Bedroom Arrangement for sale, contact us. Let’s make sure you are in the perfect Split floor plan home!



Female Baby Boomers anticipate retirement

Sun City West real estate in Arizona is the perfect place for the Female, Baby Boomer anticipating retirement.

Sun City West Hybiscus

Time for you to Bloom!

Female Baby Boomers have been ascending up the corporate ladder, raising a family and shattering the glass ceiling in every aspect imaginable. When it comes to the exodus, Female Baby Boomers have a different idea of what it should be.   Female Baby Boomers anticipating retirement  want the  ability to pursue spheres we have not had time to explore. Here is a list of the Top 5 Retirement Activities for Female Baby Boomers anticipating retirement as suggested in


 Female Baby Boomers anticipate retirement options




Did you know that  Baby Boomers and retirees account for up to 80 percent of the non-business travel? Haven’t you always thought that a change of scenery would be life altering? I have realized Arizona retirement, and this state has many magnificent venues to. A few would be:

Heard Museum

Taliesin West

Desert Botanical Gardens

Heritage Square


Physical Activity

Arizona retirement requires physical activity as  part of your life. Sun City West has four Recreational facilities.

R.H Johnson

Palm Ridge




Also offered Bowling Alley, Tennis Courts, 8 Golf Courses, Pickle Ball Courts, four outdoor swimming pools, three indoor swimming pools, Handball courts, bicycle trails and much more! There will be no need to join and Gym any longer for the Female Baby Boomer; use of all the facilities is included in your nominal HOA dues.




Sun City West Arizona is known as the “City of Volunteers.” We have great ideas for you to enjoy, or better yet, give us yours as a Female Baby Boomer! Here are just a few:



Meals on Wheels

Homebound Books by Mail

Del Webb Community Hospital



Swan Program





Calligraphy West

Ceramics West

Clay Club

Copper Enameling & Glass Art

Creative Silk Flowers

Creative Stitch

Decorative Art

Johnson Lapidary

Leather Carvers


Metal Club

Encore Needle & Craft

Palo Verde Patch

Photography West

Porcelain Painters

Rip ‘n’ Sew

Scrapbook Papercrafts & More

SCW Beads

Stained Glass Crafters

Sun West Art

Toy-Ki Silvercraft

Weavers West Guild






Life Long Learning

Lifelong Learning

Please click the link to see outstanding learning opportunities

in Sun City West AZ




Female Baby Boomers anticipate retirement outdoors


If Female Baby Boomers prefer outdoor sporting activities, Arizona is the place to be! We have beautiful hiking trails. Did you know that Phoenix is ranked one of the best hiking communities in America by National Geo graphics for Female Baby Boomers? The views of our Valley is spectacular! Here are just a few to tantalize you:

Camelback Mountain

Waterfall Canyon

White Tank Mt. Park

Phoenix Sonoran Preserve

Pinnacle Peak

If fishing and shooting is the Female Baby Boomer preference, we have that also. Female Baby Boomers celebrate Arizona as one of the states with one of the highest boating populations. There is an abundance of lakes to use year round.

Lake Pleasant

Saguaro Lake

Canyon Lake

Apache Lake

Roosevelt Lake

Bartlett Lake

There are three shooting ranges in the area.  I use the Scottsdale Gun Club. It is the best shooting facility in my opinion. They give you the ability to shoot any type of weapon you have, and if you don’t have it, they do. The lessons on safety and training are a must for every gun owner and Female Baby Boomer.

The Avery shooting facility is an outdoor venue. They also offer skeet and archery for the Female Baby Boomer to learn.

As you can see, Sun City West Arizona and Arizona itself have many opportunities to enjoy year round for the Female Baby Boomers.  If you fellow Female Baby Boomers anticipating would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sun City Grand recent home sales – home sales recently

Sun City Grand, in Surprise AZ, recently has had some encouraging home sales. Indicators point to consumer confidence improving in the Sun Cities real estate market.


Sun Sun City Grand recent home sales

Sun City Grand recent home sales


Status          List Price     Sold Price     SQ FT     Sold $ SQFT

Low               $55K            $49K              442         $ 64.74

Average        $279K          $269K          1805         $146.00

High              $1.1M           $1M              3864         $307.20


Sun Sun City Grand Homes for sale

Sun City Grand recent home sales Golf Course Lots sold in 2014

Low               $122K           $121K           1278          $ 92.87

Average        $479K           $457K          2377         $190.21

High             $1.1M             $1M            3864          $307.20


Sun City Grand is in its self, a premium place to reside. The breathtaking entrances with the spectacular water cascading through the golf courses. The Sun City Grand main thoroughfares lined with majestic palms, swaying in the breezes. Sun City Grand residents enjoy the two major activity centers, The Adobe, and The Cimarron Centers.

Sun City Grand recent homes sales and Clubs/ Recreation:


Chartered Clubs

Interest Groups

Community & Specialty Groups


Sun City Grand recent home sales are one of the reasons to contact us. Please let us help you find our desired Sun City Grand Home today!


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